Some very strange pronouncements from Microsoft

Analysis: Microsoft have made an outstanding success of this generation of game consoles. However some of the things they have been saying recently are very worrying indeed. Are they starting to lose their way?

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exnihilonihilfit3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

3D in the home is something that microsoft isn't in a position to pioneer like Sony.

There's no need for a new console yet, as the current gen consoles still have a ways to go before genuinely being maxed out, and Apple isn't going to try to jump into a crowded gaming market when they don't have any developer or publisher support. None of the third parties wants to learn how to develop games for a whole new system right now.

iMad3252d ago

Sonys 3d tech is worse and have more limitations then Samsungs and other companies. Samsungs C9000 can convert any 360 game to 3D without glasses. Sony’s 3d tv's still needs a glases. So MS no need to worry. They will have 3d on 360 and next xbox with ease. Sony went a wrong way with their 3d. 3D without glasses is a future.

Next xbox is in a final design stage and it is a beast. AMD&Microsoft&parthers are cooking a surprise for Sony for allready about 4 years. Sony can go bankrupt to cath them. next xbox will be in 2011 with backward and forward compability.

exnihilonihilfit3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Every report I've read on Samsung's tech states that it requires specifically designed images and that it's very painful to watch, so no, it won't make any Xbox game 3D, and if it could make any xbox game 3d, it could do the same thing for any Playstation game. I don't mind the glasses, especially if they're comfortable and fashionable. And what Samsung can do has nothing to do with what Microsoft can do. I was saying that it doesn't make sense for MS to invest in the tech, but it does make sense for Sony to do so. Why? because they are different companies in different industries. Sony is involved in every aspect of 3D because they not only make projectors, TV's and Game systems, they actually own movie, game and television studios. Sony has no choice but to invest in this type of technology. Why wold MS invest in developing a technology that they don't need to utilize until other companies have implemented it?

MS has said a million times they don't intend to rush the next generation.

What you can't seem to understand is that I'm not dissing MS, I'm actually defending them because this article claims that those are strange statements when in fact they make perfect sense. You're such an Xbot you can't even see when someone is on your side. How retarded are you exactly?

captain-obvious3251d ago

" Sony can go bankrupt "

good luck with that

Venatus-Deus3251d ago

Sensible and intelligent commentary there from exnihilonihilfit on an article that seems to lack a full understanding of both MS and Sony Business models.

I think Bruce is being a little short sighted with his comments in this particular article.

@iMad – I think exnihilonihilfit clearly highlighted that finishing school is your first priority rather than giving extreme views on subject matters you have no real understanding of.

exnihilonihilfit – Bubble+

RedDragan3251d ago

"Sony can go bankrupt"?

What, from the PS4?!

LMFAO! You know nothing about businesses then. There is more chance of Microsoft going bankrupt because 90% of the business in 3 products: Windows, Office Suite and ermmm... oh yeah, support for those two!!!

Sony's business are far more widespread to withstand a downturn!

It takes one rival, who can run Windows designed programs for free without the need of an emunlator, to destroy Microsoft. Fanboys of the 360 are blind to this reality!

Sony don't sell TVs... no matter, they get their fingers in much wider ranging products. Don't sell PS4's so what... samething.

Microsoft don't sell Windows... crash! Microsoft don't sell Office... crash!

PimpHandHappy3251d ago

yes you are but not mad in the sense your going to rip some heads
more like
padded room mad

what a fewl

Foliage3251d ago

They lost their way when the Wii and PS3 came on to the scene, since their console can't compete.

It's why they forced their console out the door, even though it wasn't finished and incredibly faulty (the most faulty mass produced piece of technology in history, that's a fact, look it up), just to beat the PS3 to the market. Otherwise they wouldn't even have lasted this long.

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reintype3252d ago

Aaron Greenberg: “there’s a lot of challenges about 3D in the living room. I don’t know about you, but when I play games or watch TV, I’ve got my phone, I’ve got all kinds of things going on. I get up, I get down, I’m looking outside at the weather and it’s…I’m not in a dark theater, wearing glasses, staring at a screen. I think it’s just a different environment.”

I guess Greenburg won't be playing NATAL then:
“there’s a lot of challenges about NATAL in the living room. I don’t know about you, but when I play games or watch TV, I’ve got my phone, I’ve got all kinds of things going on. I get up, I get down, I’m looking outside at the weather and it’s…I’m not in a circus, playing monkey, fapping at Milo. I think it’s just an Eyetoy.” XP

Sarcasm3251d ago

Not to mention Natal probably won't work in the dark

andron3251d ago

If you look up Bruces earlier posts, he has some delightful praise for the 360 making N4G label him a MS fanboy. Just glad to see he can see MS faults too...

vhero3251d ago

reading that though he screams out fanboy saying things like Sony are on the backfoot right now compared to MS when in reality they are almost on track and in fact a lot more future proof than 360. That was a very fanboyish comment by him. He is a total fanboy don't try to stick up for him it doesn't suit you.

andron3251d ago

The 360 praise article is a bit much, I was just pointing out the irony in the disparity between his newest post and his older one.

I'm sure we can look forward to some more MS praising from Bruce later...

The Lazy One3251d ago

it does work in the dark... there's plenty of previews from independent news sites saying so o.O

Kushan3251d ago

Natal uses an ACTIVE Infra-red camera. What does that mean? It means it produces its OWN light for the 3D camera, but as the light is infrarred, you'll never see it (You might if you view it through a phone or camera, similar to how you can see light from your average remote control).
Or to put it another way - it works in the dark. If you disagree with this, you obviously have a minute understanding of how light works, the electromagnetic spectrum, basic science or are quite simply an idiotic fanboy who presses disagree on anything they don't like the sound of.

If you really wanted to bash Natal, you should say that due to it working on infrared, it has a bigger chance of not working in direct sunlight than pitch blackness - but that would also be unsubstantiated.

JonnyBigBoss3251d ago

That was arguably the best comment on N4G EVER.

mikeslemonade3251d ago

This reminds me that Microsoft has no soul. All there games are generic and they are sticking to the xbox 360 for the next few years which is already been maxed out.

2cents3251d ago

touche! Well played sir.

MS really shouldn't run their gums. Im happy for sony to perfect 3d and ms to perfect physical motion and gesture capture. Life is good with choice.

It's stupid disregarding comments like this that legitimately cause the opposing camp to justify its repulsion towards its rival. MS just be proud of what you are achieving with this generation of gamers, dont rag... its not a good trait.

DaTruth3251d ago

"Natal works in the dark"

Natal doesn't even work in the light!

Ever see the bottom of an Xbox avatar's foot... Bam there it is!

Greywulf3251d ago

theres no footage anywhere of Natal working in the dark.

hagla3251d ago

I beg to differ... The reason the Natal knows what you are doing and where you are on cam is because it uses both an infra red camera and a normal camera. Without both of these together it doesn't work and there is no way the normal camera is going to see you in the dark.

thesummerofgeorge3250d ago

And Natal is designed to distract you from that, so you'll be all excited about your 360 again, cause the systems abilities have been virtually exhausted. It's actually quite obvious. Listen, the 360 had and still has plenty to offer, but it's a dated machine struggling to keep up with its competition. The only reason it has done so well thus far is smart short term business practices; saturating the market during their year long head start and delivering in games via deep pockets, it was enough to distract from shoddy hardware. I think Natals success will depend on how willing MS' customers are to settle for a possibly decent distraction and a dated system in lieu of a new console capable of competing with the, well, competition.

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edgeofblade3247d ago

I see two classes of people here. One interested in the truth, the other interested in ridicule and... looking like fools by way of leaving their pants on the ground.

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BeastModeYMOB3252d ago

PPL here on N4G aren't making any cash from it so LET IT GO.

free2game3653251d ago

"I have predicted in the past that eventually Microsoft’s Xbox/Live/Zune business would grow to become bigger than their PC business."
The Xbox is a halo project (no pun intended), windows is a money making project. Whoever wrote this is stupid.