Game: Army of Two: The 40th Day Review

To all intents and purposes, The 40th Day is a very similar game – you have the same buddy actions, the same Aggro-centric tactical gameplay and the same central structure of pitched fights and minor boss battles and some solid quippy interplay along the way. The action film mechanics have been amped up considerably – not least because you are basically playing in the middle of a disaster movie. In the opening salvo, planes fall from the sky, landmarks topple and buildings shift alarmingly as you try to make your escape. It doesn't approach the building rocking awesomeness of Uncharted 2 but the scale of the destruction is impressive and, along with solid level design, adds a little spice to the sometimes dreary office block trawling. And there's a trip to the Zoo. What city break would be complete without a trip to the Zoo…

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