Play Magazine: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Preview

Play writes: "So, we all know that Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom is going to be a pretty great game, right? Sure, I've played it, and I can tell you it's going to yield a lot of glee, but there's still some trepidation out there, I'm sure. And that comes from the fact that unless you're a straight-up, hard-core otaku, you probably don't know who the hell all these Tatsunoko characters are.

That's okay. You don't need to know. I'm going to give you a primer, but really, the game itself is where the play is, and even if you look at the roster as a bunch of original characters you're never met before, you're still going to have a lot of fun. But here's a quick introduction as to why you shouldn't just fight with Ryu and Megaman."

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this just might cause me to buy a wii now that good games coming.
hardly ever use my ps3 guess im a casuel gamer instead of hardcore.