Gamervision: Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review

Gamervision writes: "I take a bit of pride in being one of the few remaining Van Halen fans left on the planet who is younger than 65. I can't remember a time when I didn't rock out to Eddie's amazing solos and riffs and Diamond Dave's captivating vocals. I mean, sure, Alex can play the drums, but he's not the reason you listen to Van Halen. Am I right? When a Guitar Hero game was announced featuring Van Halen, one of the most volatile bands in history, I'll admit to getting a bit too excited. That excitement waned as soon as details about the game were released, like the wonderful plan to only include twenty-five Van Halen tunes. Needless to say, when the game finally came out, the sheer amount of disappointment in my heart could only be compared to the collective pains of all the band's fans when they found out Sammy Hagar was taking over for the departed David Lee Roth."

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