GT5: 500k Polygons in a Car

The original Gran Turismo was a marvel piece of gaming technology back when it launched on the PSOne. With remarkable graphics for the time, the series has since evolved into something much more.

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Mista T3253d ago

dang son!!! just amazing

MattyF3253d ago

Truly is amazing. Lots of fine details went into caring for this game.

WildArmed3253d ago

dmn o_O
1 car = 500k-ish polygons
16 cars = 8mil-ish polygons.
Dmn.. PD O_O
You gotta stop pushing my ps3 so hard, she'll get hurt

thereapersson3253d ago

And they're only using 80 or so percent of the system's power at this given time. The PS3 is a beastly machine!

aaron58293253d ago

It's not 500k polygon..

It's a million polygons in a car !!


Bereaver3253d ago

Playing GT5 scars you for life. From that point on, you will only want perfection! Damn you PD! Bringing us the best you can! ARGH!

Lightsaber3253d ago

dmn o_O
1 car = 500k-ish polygons
16 cars = 8mil-ish polygons.
Dmn.. PD O_O
You gotta stop pushing my ps3 so hard, she'll get hurt

is that a joke ? or do you just not know anything about graphics at all. 1st off 8 mil poly is a joke that wonted even taxe the power of the ps2. The ps2 supposedly could pull off 75 mil per sec. However you Also didnt take in to account frame rate that bring the polys got up to about 56 mil still not an impressive number

shadow27973253d ago


Yeah, cause GT5 is only rendering the cars...

Did you forget about the track or something?

Foliage3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Wow, Lightsaber. That's a lot of smoke and no fire.

You are completely without knowledge about this topic. I'd point out how ridiculous what you said is, but I'm sure everyone else but yourself clearly understand.

My god... you weren't serious right?

cryymoar3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

for someone pretending to know anything about graphical specifications, you truly are an idiot.
The PS2 can only theoretically "draw out" ~75 Million polygons a second.
Not display, draw out. In a sense, it can think about it, but not show it or render it.
The PS2 maxes out at ~66 Million,

The PS3 running GT5 still needs to render the track, the environment, the lighting, textures, bump mapping, reflections, shadows, self shadows, post-product effects (blur, color correction, HDR, etc).
And more than likely the RSX and the CELL will be working together on the graphics, so remember, the CELL still needs to calculate physics and AI, further reducing the amount of polygons available for each individual car to use up.

Here I made this just for you so you can understand this next point a little easier.
polygon count does not necessarily mean more realistic graphics.
in order to create the most realistic effect, there must be a compromise of polygon count and the effects of other calculations.
Which one of the red marbles looks the best?
the one with the theoretically infinite number of sides, which would also take a theoretically infinite amount of graphical power to render an infinite amount of points and space;
or the red marble with less sides (16), that uses some of that power that could have been used on more sides, but to render shadows, lighting, and reflections.

i am sure the answer is clear.

thor3252d ago

To all those banging on about polygon count:

"Polygons per second" is a measure of how many polygons I can draw if I tile them across the screen in 1 second, without texturing or other effects. If I have to draw an object with 500,000 polygons at 60fps (like in GT5) that's 30,000,000 polygons per second.

The environment will be made up of at least as many polygons as a car (in fact I'd prefer it if they sacrificed some car quality to give us decent trees) so that adds to it as well.

BUT there is something called "level-of-detail" (LOD). It means when a car is miles away, you don't need to draw 500,000 polygons when there aren't even that many pixels where the car's being drawn. You can get away with a lower-poly model because you won't notice the difference at that distance. Also, polygons that are facing away from the viewer (around half of them) don't need to be drawn. So GT5 won't be drawing 500,000 polygons per car every frame.

TheDeadMetalhead3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Racing games have come a long way in 20 years...

TotalPS3Fanboy3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

"Racing games have come a long way in 20 years..."

That's the first accurate Forza 3 vs GT5 comparison I've seen. Note: Forza 3 is first picture and GT5 is the second picture. :p

callahan093252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

@Lightsaber: You seem to be forgetting something... The game doesn't render just one frame per second! It's doing 60 fps. One single car at 500,000 polys and 60fps is 30,000,000 polys in one second. That doesn't include the other cars visible on the screen, the track and background, the textures and the lighting, and it doesn't account for all the physics and other calculations that have to be done. So 500k in a car is REALLY impressive.

WildArmed3252d ago

since I've been corrected a dozen times by now,
apparently its 30mil +++ poly's per sec O_o

<no i dont know much about polygons and how they work.. except when a game looks fantastic, it looks fantasic.. no need for a polygon count=p >

Saaking3252d ago

Not only does it have a lot of polygons, but they actually use them correctly and to the best effect. Remember, the number of polygons isn't always as important as how you use them.

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Nitrowolf23253d ago

from GT5P(200K) to GT5(500K)
Thats aazing that they can get that much for each car

macalatus3253d ago

My fellow Sony gamers, we should thank Polyphony Digital for putting a lot of effort into making this game. This is an indisputable fact that Gran Turismo series have a high level of standards to meet the expectations of classy, mature, and intelligent gamers.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!

blitz06233253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

we need the game now! i don't care if it's as glitchy and garbage like flopza! /s

dustgavin3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

This sounds like reason enough to buy both the steering wheel and the camera for head tracking. I can only imagine how amazing this game looks in motion!

stb3253d ago

Says it all.

Quality over Quantity. Forza brins more titles, but less technology and less features. Gran Turismo brings more features (quantity), and way more technology and quality (quality).

I guess you can have them both! Unless you buy Forza and get neither.

To recap:
Gran Turismo: Quality and Quantity
Forza: Neither

Gran Touring3253d ago

500k polys? That's simply unprecedented in any game.

But this of course is the Real Driving Simulator...

MattyF3253d ago

Have to make it look as real as possible. Haha

deshon093253d ago

is 500000 Polygons lol very impressive pd