Star Trek Online Lifetime Sub Offers Playable Borg

Cryptic has revealed a lifetime subscription offer for Star Trek Online, which comes with playable Borg (singular and liberated). The sub is available only as a pre-order deal.

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STK0263259d ago

Well, if the game picks up and gathers a big following, it could live for a long time, making the life long subscription really worth it (it's 240$, so it's more or less 16 moths of game time if you pay it on a monthly basis), but since WoW, things haven't been so bright for new MMOs, many not reaching the million subscribers mark, while others are becoming F2P to attract some new people in the micro transaction market. Aion and LotR:Online are really the only two, subscription based, big MMOs that are still doing rather well, as fas as I know.

So, if the game goes the way of LotR and gets a good community, those who paid more in the beginning will be rewarded. However, if goes the way of Tabula Rasa, a big-budget MMO that had (on paper) everything to be the next big thing, it's like taking 240$ and throwing it in the fire.

I wonder how many will take the offer.

moe843259d ago

Couldn't agree more. Def worth it provided the game lasts at least 2 years.

I'd do it... but, I have more important things to spend my coin on. Although, if the Borg are their own faction, and given bad ass stats to make them "raid boss" worthy.

H O L Y S H ! T that would be fun. Nightly Earth raids anyone?

Perjoss3259d ago

I much prefer the flexibility of being able to cancel after a few days if the game is not very good.

diatom3259d ago

However as compensation I will get to infiltrate and assimilate Starfleet at my leisure.

moe843259d ago

I doubt we'll get to be a separate faction. It's more than likely your character that's Borg. Still pretty cool though, the Borg traits are nice. Hopefully there will be story perks since you're Borg. Maybe going against a new Borg "Queen" will offer something special, not available to other races.

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Kakihara3259d ago

It's just a trick to get you assimilated.

ian723259d ago

basically its a game that costs $240. Then what happens after 2 years. You have to pay more?

Panthers3259d ago

Its a lifetime subscription. So if you pay the money, thats it. You shouldnt ever have to pay again. Its worth it if you plan on playing for a long time.

moe843259d ago

The thing that gets me though, Panthers is you have the option to cancel at any time if you decide you want to stop playing. Say after 2 years, why would you cancel? I mean, unless the game flops you will always have a now "free" access to the game.

Just seems odd to me.

KaL_D3259d ago

longetivity into the mix, then EQ2, EQ, City of Heroes are all doing rather well. Not the behemoth juggernaut that is WoW.. but holding their own pretty steadily.

moe843259d ago

The fact that someone has disagreed with you shows that their either a clueless idiot, or they just like to disagree with peoples post.. just to do so.

The games themselves prove what you said. They're still around, albeit not with the player base they had at launch(most anyway), or the amount WoW has. But they are quite successful. Especially EQ and GW..

Fragger2k83259d ago

Well, that is actually a pretty sweet deal. I was expecting something more like $500.

The only thing that sucks about it is what if the game turns out to be garbage, or only gets a small player base? You just screwed yourself out of $240.

I would really like to see more MMO companies offer something like this, and not just as a special pre-order type of thing. I wouldn't do it for this game, but a couple other MMO's maybe.

DeadlyFire3259d ago

I agree something more like Lifetime or 5 year deals or something for MMO games would be awesome if offered to more MMO games. Sure its expensive or it would seem so, but if you save hundreds if not thousand dollars or so to remove subscription fees from your account for awhile then its worth it.

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