Five Ways The Jersey Shore is Just Like Final Fantasy

On the surface, it seems like the two have nothing in common. The people of the Final Fantasy universe are mainly concerned with fighting evil and saving the world, while the people of The Jersey Shore spend most of their time trying to avoid puking on each other. But after extensive research on the part of the IGN Center For Games And Television and Culture and Studies, we've found that the two beloved series are near mirror images of one another.

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GameGambits3172d ago

Whoever wrote this...kill yourself. No I didn't read past the title, but honestly can you blame me? This is pure trash and you should be fired from a job and your hands chopped off so you can't spew this garbage/filth ever again.

LordMarius3172d ago

oh come on have a sense of humor

Fair-Play3172d ago

Lolz I disagree this article made my day xD

mikeslemonade3172d ago

That would be the case but unfortunately most gamers only watch anime. Haha anime nerds!

FamilyGuy3172d ago

I have no idea why and I have never seen more than 15 seconds of this show but I hate it with a passion. It's like I hate reality tv already and this show is like the pinnacle of the genre. The worst of the worst some how and I've never seen a single episode. It might just be that it's "The newest" (fake) reality tv show and they just keep coming out :(

Joke or not, comparing this to Final Fantasy is unforgivable.

iforgotmylogin3172d ago

rofl this is hilarious.
hahaha i wish they had 1 for battle wins

bacon133172d ago

Eh, article was sorta funny. Has anyone seen the redone clip of that girl getting decked in the face accompanied by street fighter music and sfx? If not google it, very funny indeed. Hitting girls is wrong though, even when it's effing hilarious.

JBaby3433172d ago

I can't stand reality shows and the short chick seems to have nothing going on upstairs not to mention is a total slut but at least she got body. That's some redeeming value.

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Dellis3172d ago

These retards are the reason America is mocked by other nations in the world, MTV keeps draining the US status down the toilet.

Maddens Raiders3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

is something I watch only if I'm feeling a little suicidal. From the clips I've seen of this wretched show, I should've been dead long ago...

JBaby3433172d ago

"MTV is something I only watch if I'm feeling suicidal." That's hilarious. Same used to be true about jerry springer. This show is trash and the fact it went on past the first episode speaks volumes of American society. So disappointing.

On-topic: the article was pretty funny. As someone who never really got into RPGs and Final Fantasy but is familiar with it the article was very entertaining.

qface643172d ago

i don't know why but the people from this show really annoy me im not even sure why especially that chick

is it wrong of me to wanna see her get decked in the jaw again?

YoungKingDoran3172d ago

i was about to ask the same thing

Umbrella Corp3172d ago

Entertainment these days,just like the quality of games is declining. :(

3172d ago
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