Nintendo's "fad" dominates Sony, Microsoft in December

Ben Kuchera of ars technica writes about how Nintendo's console outsold both Sony's and Microsoft's. Quote: "The NPD Group has released its monthly report, and with the December sales information comes the end of the year. How did the industry do? With $10.5 billion in sales, video gaming shrunk 11 percent from the $11.7 billion generated in 2008. It's not all terrible news, however."

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qface643252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

are people still call the wii a fad?

remember when they called pokemon a fad that wouldn't last 3 years lol
i dunno i just thought that was funny

green3252d ago

If you watched gametrailes invincible walls that was done right after the ps3 price cut, the presenters called the wii a fad and that it's bubble had busted.They said due to the price cuts, the wii was "dead", "done". Wonder how they feel now.

TheLiztress3252d ago

They feel like dummies. Or maybe they'll stick to their opinions still.

duplissi3252d ago

no its not a fad, but i fail to understand why people still care, considering that you can practically count the games worth owning on your fingers.....its not like sony and microsoft are going to up and forget the 80 or so million of us real gamers, that would just be suicide.

just do what i did: just imagine that nintendo died with the gamecube- it makes it more tolerable.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3252d ago

Nintendo died when the PS came out. The games worth owning on the 64, Gamecube and Wii can be counted on one hand.

va_bank3252d ago

It's far from dead, but it's still a fad. It may last another month or another 3 years - fads only go away when a newer and bigger ones emerge. It won't just die by itself.

StanLee3252d ago

I was shocked at the December NPD report. I expect Sony and Microsoft to be competitive but the Wii dominated. I'm surprised at the success given that the Wii had a terribly week lineup of core games.

v1c1ous3252d ago

"Nintendo died when the PS came out. The games worth owning on the 64, Gamecube and Wii can be counted on one hand. " must have a LOT of fingers on your hands D: how do you type?

edgeofblade3252d ago

It's still a fad. When 360 and PS3 are getting so much more gaming time compared to their underpowered cousin, it's about time to start questioning how big the Wii really is.

All Nintendo has been good at this generation is selling hardware and selling first party games. As for longevity? Not something to be proud of.

Mahr3252d ago

"All Nintendo has been good at this generation is selling hardware and selling first party games"

Um, more third party games have been sold on the system than first party. That was the case about a year ago, and whenever they get around to releasing the updated tie ratios, it will probably be the case again.

Maddens Raiders3252d ago

because the last time I checked huge gobs of hospitals, hospices, therapy clinics, and daycare centers don't order PS3's or 360's. Don't believe the hype. Nintendo is wagging the dog like a pro.

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TheLiztress3252d ago

I agree that it's funny how the things they call "fads" by Nintendo are doing a lot better than other consoles and game series.

Shadow Flare3252d ago

Gathers dust alot better aswell

dgroundwater3252d ago

This is a bs claim that everyone likes to make. "The Wii just gathers dust lol." If you were a real gamer and saw past the megahype and HD screenshots of mainstream games like FFXIII, CoD, UC2, or whatever you would find at least a couple titles to enjoy on Wii.

Ever play Okami? Neither had I, so I picked it up on Wii 2 days ago. Silent Hill SH? Rune Factory Frontier? A Boy and his Blob for god's sake? NMH2 is coming out in a week and a half, and you must be delusional to ignore that!

TheLiztress3252d ago

is actually something all the consoles do if you don't dust often enough.

NovusTerminus3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Yeah they are. And the refuse to spend the millions they make on games. They just keep this casual crap storm going.

Nintendo may have some amazing sales, but they are just taking in the money and not spending any of it on new games. So all those sales are still useless to the fans who are supporting them.

Before you go hitting the "Take my bubbles" button know that I have a Wii and am waiting for Red Steel 2. But I just wish Nintendo would make something with the money they make.

And also here's to hoping the new Zelda game is as good as Majora's Mask!

3252d ago

i think they are not spending it on lots of new games because they know nobody is really playing them.

Maybe it's not quite fare to call it a fad, it is still selling the hell out of the 360 and ps3 and makes all this fanboy crap between the two camps seem stupid.... but in my opinion i still can't help seeing it as that because all the people i know who own one don't actually play on it.

it seems to be something people buy on an impulse because it seems like a cool thing to have. you can get drunk and play wii sports.

the next day you all wake up and talk about how much fun it was but then you don't do anything with it again till the next drinking night.

my girlfriend has one at her place and i have never seen her touch the thing. when we were talking about xmas presents to get each other, she told me she did NOT want another wii game.

thats just one example, I know loads of people who have one but don't play anything on it. The hardcore gamers i know that have one still don't play on it either.
anyway, as a company Nintendo has done well with it, there is no denying that and thats what most companies look at in the end.

asdr3wsfas3252d ago

Ignoring all nintendo channel released averages, you post your girlfriend's usage to prove a point. Well done.

DARK WITNESS3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

you missed the bit where i said " thats just one example " and i said I know lots of people who do nothing with it.

of course i am only reflecting on the matter based on the people i know who have one. and ya maybe thats not as accurate as the wii states... bit i would be even more of the mark if i started quoting their stats considering i have never seen them as i don't own the console myself and none of my friends play on theirs, let alone show me any numbers for anything as if they care......and the only time the wii even gets a mention round here is one it's sales time or ps3 fans want to argue about quantity vs quality.

everyone else round here likes throwing in their opinion based off someone i know or my friend said this... now all of a sudden it's the company stats that matter ? I hope you remember that when you talked about other company stats.

asdr3wsfas3252d ago

I am saying the compilation of play time statistics on thousands or millions taken from the nintendo channel beats "my gf and 10 people I know never play it." Alternatively, Nintendo dominating the software sales charts beats "my gf didn't want software for it."

DARK WITNESS3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

well if you look closely i said in my first statement " in my opinion " and " I can't help " i didn't say it was... i know there are millions of people playing the games somewhere out there, but in the small circle of people i know.. etc. that was my point all along and whatever numbers nin wants to show, it does not affect my opinion or my friends. just like the millions of people still playing halo does not stop some fanboys coming to the conclusion that halo is on a down turn because odst didn't sell 10 million units like halo 3 ( forgetting halo 3 has been out and selling for 2 years )

thats the way i see the wii right now, i didn't say that was the way you saw it, or anyone else, thats the way i see it. and i am sure if you take the playtime stats of the millions on live and psn they beat the crap out of nin... was there not an article about it a few weeks back. yes millions play it,but not as many millions as the millions on psn or live.

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GrandDragon3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

good news for them.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3252d ago

and enjoy for a brief period.

I think there had been PLENTY of evidence that after 6mos or a year the Wii is the least played console in homes.

Thus Fad.

You know...Pet Rocks sold really well in the 70s too.

kwyjibo3252d ago

You can't just make up your own definitions when reality does not match your own personal fantasy.

iceman063252d ago

A fad is a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal.
Not saying one thing or another...just providing the definition for argument's sake!!!

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