One screen from NBA Jam to wet your whistle

GoNintendo has one screen from the title, NBA Jam. Enjoy.

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Goomba123253d ago

Exactly what i wanted from the title. Looks great.

JhawkFootball063253d ago

am i the only one who hates that picture..?

Hisiru3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I can't wait to play this game on my incredible Wii!

My most anticipated games on the Wii (2010):
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
Monster Hunter 3
Mario Galaxy 2
Zelda Wii
Sin and Punishiment 2
Red Steel 2
The Grinder
Metroid: Other M
Tales of Grace
Monado: Beginning of the World
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
Samurai Warriors 3

BTW, I played Silent Hill, GREAT game!

Excellent year! It's good that I can have all the consoles, so I will be able to enjoy all the games.

Don't be a stupid hater, be a gamer. :)

JoelT3253d ago

Five Syllables:


blu_yu_away3253d ago

Please joe, 3 words are needed. "He's on fire!"

Mini Mario3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

"am i the only one who hates that picture..?"

Must be.

Looks like a good old arcade game to me. Big smiles :-)

"Who the hell in their right mind over at EA decided it was a bright idea to make this for Wii only?"

Well it must not of had good enough graphics for the people that only own a HD console. Luckily for me i have both. Unlucky for it seems.

pain777pas3253d ago

Why is this exclusive? This seems like perfect DLC for the other consoles as well.

Goomba123252d ago

because they can make more money off it being full priced on Wii than 20 dollar dl on hd consoles.

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Goomba123253d ago

yea it really does. Love arcade type games. Wish they produce a Wii NFL Blitz.

Megaton3253d ago

Who the hell in their right mind over at EA decided it was a bright idea to make this for Wii only? Just after they finished bashing the Wii for poor game sales too. A really early entry to the "Top Dumbf*ck Ideas of 2010".

This needs to be released for 360/PS3.

Goomba123253d ago

You honestly think there is a huge market for this kind of game on xbox/ps3?

Megaton3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Bigger than there is on the Wii, by leaps and bounds. Are you unaware that this is a game from the Genesis/SNES/Arcade? Guarantee you that a majority of the people who were fans of it then, are on PS3's and 360's today, not Wii's.

bruddahmanmatt3253d ago

Couldn't agree more. I was about to say the same thing. I was all hyped up to pit my Kobe/Gasol combo up against Lebron/Shaq, KG/Pierce and D12/Vinsanity...then they announced it was going to the Wii. FAIL.

raptorjacob3253d ago

i would buy it for the ps3. i loved nba jam for the super nin and ps2. i think this game looks about like the super nintendo version

Noob3253d ago

Same with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I don't see the motive behind such a dumb decision, especially when the game already failed in Japan.

man0fsteel3253d ago

where's the PSN & XBOX LIVE download... seriously??

tunaks13253d ago

you all need to do the following to get it on PS360

cry moar!

MiloGarret3253d ago

Lolwut? Wii fanboys! awwwwwww...

Hisiru3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Lol, there are alot of games for HD consoles that the Wii won't have and Wii owners aren't complaining but look at how angry the HD only owners are because of one title. Very funny, just like Muramasa.

That's why I have more than 1 console. :)

Megaton3253d ago

Awesome, Wii fanboys. Quite a rare sight. Can I have your autographs?

legendkilla3253d ago

the Wii fanboy is very rare around these parts...

Megaton3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Is there even a demeaning name for them? I know 360 fanboys are called bots, and for some reason PS3 fanboys are called droids, but what about Wii fanboys?

Hisiru3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Actually, I have an x360. I just think that complain about this game not coming for HD consoles is childish. HD consoles has a lot of games, can't the Wii have his exclusives?

Stop being so selfish, if you want to play this game buy a Wii just like Wii owners have to buy an HD console in order to play FFXIII.

Also, can't you stay in your section? That's what Wii owners are always doing.

You should grow up man, soon you will have a woman and a little baby, so you will have to be a man, not a child.

I am not a Wii fanboy but it's good to see people arrogant like you angry because some games aren't coming for your favorite console.

MiloGarret3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

how about wiiners? you know, like weeners... and winers... haha.

Megaton3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Yeah, it's real childish of me to not wanna waggle my way down the court in a new NBA Jam. It's so childish of me to wanna play NBA Jam online with my friends in our established gaming networks. I'm such an arrogant prick for saying it should come to all platforms. F*ck, I'm such an asshole.

Hisiru3253d ago

"It's so childish of me to wanna play NBA Jam online with my friends"

Buy an Wii and call your friends just like Wii owners have to buy a PS3/x360 in order to play Boderlands online.

asdr3wsfas3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

The wii was specifically designed to appeal to lapsed gamers who left after SNES and NES. Saying you guys went to xbox or ps3 ignores everyone who left and never came back. Research shows (Miaymoto comments on this in nintendo dev interviews on Super Mario 5) that the wii and ds succeeded in this. Hence it is better suited on wii.

WTF is with saying you have to waggle thorough this? You can play wii games with controllers. That's why the wiimote turns sideways to be a NES CONTROLLER, GENIUS. Wario, Mario, Muramasa, SSBB, Punchout, etcetc all use normal controllers. Have you even played a wii?

I will link this to the next discussion on "wii haz no gamesz" sure to pollute the section soon. Go back to your own and talk about uncharted or halo or something.

SpoonyRedMage3253d ago

It's being published by EA so if it has online it will be on an established network because EA uses their own network for all their titles.

Mini Mario3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

"...then they announced it was going to the Wii. FAIL. "

"This needs to be released for 360/PS3."

"Who the hell in their right mind over at EA decided it was a bright idea to make this for Wii only?"

Arent you the same kind of people that complain there are no good games for the wii. Yet when the wii get good, exclusive still complain!

It goes like this -

- The wii good games!! I want to play real games!!...

and continues to this

- WHat? Exclusive to the wii ?? monster hunter, mad world and nba jam!! Wii sucks!!

Sounds very hypocritical to some people. Like me. Plus the world needs more exclusives. It's what defines a console.

Also I love nba jam, but this game still does have to prove itself.

Megaton3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

@Mini Mario - It would be helpful if you could keep all your trash talk about me in one spot, instead of spreading it across several different posts. I'll make it easy for you, though. I'll just keep my response all tucked into one post, k?

As far as I'm concerned, 2D gaming is a lost art, and I don't even own an HDTV. The game could be a direct port graphically and I'd still buy it. I've also considered buying a Wii many times. I've owned every Nintendo console ever made since the NES, and still own an SNES and GameCube. I love Mario and Zelda games, Super Mario World being my favorite game of all time.

Even if I did own one, it doesn't mean I'd love to play NBA Jam on it. I would still much rather play it on a 360 or PS3. How many of my friends own Wii's? One, and I barely talk to him as it is. How many of my friends own 360's and PS3's? About 30, most of whom I'm actively social with.

You'd also be hard-pressed to find a recent post of mine complaining about the lack of Wii games. I don't "constantly complain" about the Wii. The article reached 50 degrees, or I saw it in pending. I don't go into the Wii subsection. Hell, I don't go into any subsection. If it's not on the front page or in pending at the right time, I don't even see it. Every now and then the Wii gets a 3rd party game I'm interested in, and then its developers complain about the lack of a core gaming community on the Wii because it's a sales bomb of biblical proportions. What does that say about you guys who supposedly love your Wii?

@Spoony - Yeah, I'm sure it would work fine and all that, I'd just like to play with friends, and basically none of my friends own Wii's.

Goomba123252d ago

Your complaint about what console your friends own is irrelevent.
Why can't your friends come over to your house to play NBA Jam? Is that to hard for you and your friends to do?
The Wii's controls are not that hard and this is the reason why arcade style games can be played by anyone even if you don't own a Wii. If your friends can't figure out 2 buttons while over at your house with a Wii than my bad, but to be honest it seems as though you are angry because you don't even own a Wii so how is your opinion supposed to count in the first place when this game is Wii exclusive?

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GVON3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Could be the perfect move,think of all the dads who have bought Wii's for there kids,then see it and think that was ace when I was young.think i'll buy it for my *cough* kids *cough*
Plus the cost vs returns are profit guarantees,if that profit allows for/pays for the cost of HD development then i'm all for it.

Last time I played a Jam game game it had Kemp,Mullins,Ewing,Malone+Stoc kton at their primes :)

Rocket Sauce3253d ago

So long as they don't throw in some dumbass motion controls, I'm down with this. If I have to waggle to break the backboard, forget about it.

Mini Mario3253d ago

"I'm such an arrogant prick for saying it should come to all platforms. F*ck, I'm such an asshole. "

I gave you an "agree" for this part of your comment. SO dont think people were agreeing with your sarcasim.

And yeh you do sound like a prick? What do you call a wii fanboy>? Well since i own all systems, play all systems from past and present what do you call me?

Im a big fan of the wii. Tell me who is more of a fanboy. Some1 like me who loves the wii yet still plays street fighter 4 and tekken 6, or halo. Or someone like you who would never own a wii even though there are obviously great games on the system for everyone who likes games.

Waggle controls down the court? Almost every recent wii titles gives you options for the controller. Sideways, classic, gamecube, nunchuk and remote. Dont you know anything about a system you constantly complain about?

Very sad indeed.

sofresh2003253d ago

If it was a xbla/PSN title it would sell like hot cakes. I guarantee this bombs on the Wii.

tunaks13253d ago

sell like hotcakes?
really, well then they picked the right system
50+ million install base

qface643253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

i don't really see many PSN/XBLA games even reach past the 1 million mark

only one i know of off the top of my head is castle crasher
just saying though

Gr813253d ago

These supposed fans of NBA JAM want the game to be a 5$ downloadable game. Wow, just wow. You so called hardcore gamers are any thing but. Don't the hardcore follow the games? and not the system? I guess I'm just old school that way.

MegaPowa3253d ago

IF YOU BUY IT since your a "hardcore" gamer or are you to scared of 480p D:

Gr813253d ago

I'm in the Wii section after all :)

Mini Mario3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

"Why can't this come out for a real system?
If it was a xbla/PSN title it would sell like hot cakes. I guarantee this bombs on the Wii."

Last time i checked my wii it seemed pretty real. Wasnt like a imagination i had or anything, it really was there.

I really hope digital download doesnt become the norm and take over. I prefer to actually own major release games and not download them.

@The fanboys

- "was all excited until I saw this was only coming to the Wii...
Now I won't touch it. "

- "I'd buy this in a second...
...if it came to either ps3 or 360."

How pathetic. Meaning you obviously think the game will be good. But because its on the some how wont?

Sad to be you !

MegaPowa3253d ago

you can say whatever stupid trash talk you want but you know if it bombs its because of those hardcore gamers with the dusty wiis that were to foolish to buy it and then they'll complain about how the wii has no hardcore like the idiots they are

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