VGC Top Ten: Celebrities That Look Like Videogame Characters 3

VGChartz writes: "If you are like me, you sometimes notice that our most beloved videogame characters seem to look like they got a bit of real-life inspiration from our celebrities. Some of these were intentional, as you can tell that they used that particular piece of art as a basis for the character, and others are just spooky. As normal, these are in no particular order."

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mikeslemonade3253d ago

Hugh Jackman doesn't look anything like Nathan Drake. I can find 10 celebs that would be a better match.

Braineater24483253d ago

Lol Rhianna. This is great. +1 VGC

MajestieBeast3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Hehe the colbert and rhianna were pretty good. Still misses Hugh laurie looks like Gordon Freeman.

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