30 Hidden References In Bayonetta

Bayonetta is more than just a fun, sexy, angel-slaying romp that's managed to become 2010's first major hit – it's also crammed to the gills with references to other games and media. Some of these are subtle and some are blatant, but either way there are an awful lot of them, and seeing as Bayonetta is the winking brainchild of some of the most cultish developers in the industry, it's hardly a surprise.

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Ninji3260d ago

First week sales and it couldn't even outsell Darksiders (then again, Darksiders is the superior game so it makes sense).

PlainOldGamer3260d ago

This was a really cool read! Especially the reference to Eggman & Viewtiful Joes KENSHIN-A-GO-GO-BABY!!! I love games that do that :)

3260d ago