New Super Mario Bros. Wii Sales Now Ahead Of PS3 Modern Warfare

Well, it looks like Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime's claim that Nintendo Super Marios Bros. Wii would outsell Modern Warfare 2 wasn't so crazy after all. NSMB's total sales passed that of the PS3 version of MW2 last month.

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DrRobotnik3254d ago

"Mario sells more then (PS3)MW2". How about "Mario sells more then (Multi)MW2. This article is just asking for heat.

Smacktard3254d ago

...Because that's not what the bet was? The bet was that it would sell more than MW2 on ONE console, and it has sold more than the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 2. Read the article.

EvilCackle3253d ago

It's also the president of Nintendo who made the challenge in the first place (and who got laughed at quite a bit, if memory serves). If this was just some random comparison between two games that a blogger had devised (e.g. "Wii Play Sells More Than Uncharted 2!!!"), I'd agree with you, Robotnik.

iforgotmylogin3253d ago

it sold more than the ps3 and the 360
just not combined
Reggie was right.

EvilCackle3253d ago

Oh, worldwide you mean? Yeah, I don't doubt that. Reggie's challenge (or whatever you want to call it) was for North America, though, which was pretty ballsy considering it's MW2's home turf and where you'd expect it to do best.

Saaking3253d ago

How is this flaimbait? It's true isn't it? And NSMB is a far better game. Deserves the sales a lot more than MW2. Just a matter of time before it overtakes MW2's combined sales.

Bnet3433252d ago

Like Smacktard said, Reggie made this bet on an episode of GTTV. He stated that NSMB would outsell one console's MW2 sales.

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cyguration3253d ago

I guess Nintendo can gloat now. They just owned up on one of the best selling games in history with another casual crusader.

WildArmed3253d ago

lol i guess they are allowed a moment to gloat every once in a blue moon

EvilTwin3253d ago

NSMB can get wicked difficult, especially with four people playing it at once. It isn't casual like Nintendogs or something.

And a "moment"? If by "moment" you mean "this whole gen," sure.

WildArmed3252d ago

yeah but i dont care about sales.

But this is a VERY GOOD game.
So they can gloat about having an awesome game selling awesome-ly.
Unless you get excited about hear OMGZ WII FITTY SOLD 500mil.. then sure.. lets stick with this gen.

Nintendo hides their faces during E3 and stuff as they barely have stuff to show. but when they do, they make me very happy.

MajestieBeast3253d ago

Casual mario title sold more with a 50million fanbase O RLY!

iforgotmylogin3253d ago

according to vg charts

wii is 65.58m vs 69.11 ps3+360

modernwarfare technically had a biggerfanbase o.o
NSMBwii vs MW2 the most anticipated game.. etc etc etc

and it did as good as it did. to me it proves that mario is one of the most famous things in the world.

Fierce Musashi3253d ago

Casual Mario title? Please, my good friend, elaborate.

EvilCackle3253d ago

The word "casual" does get tossed around way too much. Pretty much any gun without guns, swords or boobs gets labeled as such at least once.

MajestieBeast3253d ago

This Mario title was easier then all the others and it wasn't as good as the original nsmb. I enjoyed it but everyone could've seen this coming with the cheesy commercials that screamed casual.

Fierce Musashi3253d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

You have yet to explain how the actual game is casual. Do you even own this title? Details please. Collecting star coins, competitive multiplayer, how is this casual?

There are many titles that are easier than their predecessors. Does that mean they are casual titles as well?

Nikuma3252d ago

Dude it's on the Wii it HAS to be casual! /s

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OneShotThrill3253d ago

i cant stand was such a disappointment to me and i loved the COD franchise since the first on PC.

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