Playstationlifestyle: PS3 Review – Bayonetta

While the game's graphics are good, they aren't anything great. They are next gen graphics, sure, but they are not as impressive as they could be. While Bayonetta and the main characters and enemies look great, the background graphics are often simple in design, and the textures look like first-gen PS3 title textures.

Overall, Bayonetta is a great game that's a blast to play. If you're a fan of Hideki Kamayi's past titles, then you're going to feel at home here. Just make sure you bring a ton of patience with you, because with those load times, you're going to need it. Thankfully, Bayonetta has enough badass moments and enough jaw-dropping gameplay to keep you hooked for the 10 hour campaign. If you're looking for a quality action/adventure game, then Bayonetta is hard to pass up. Give it a go if you're looking for a good time, because you never know…you just might be Bayonetta's type.

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