CES10: Heavy Rain Gameplay Footage

Ripten writes: "A proud member of the Ripten extended family and fellow Ripcaster, Beau Baxter Rosser, was nice enough to share some offscreen footage of Heavy Rain gameplay he captured at CES a few days ago. Have a look at the three videos below and let us know what you think in the comments section."

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Alcon Caper3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

This game is just stunning. It seems that they took the great ideas from Indigo Prophecy and took a step further to integrate them into the environment/interface. The character models are visually incredible and the realism of their emotions are so subtle and immediate that you literally are watching a movie as you play. Thank you, Quantum Dream, for taking gaming to the next step by incorporating real dramatic emotion in a console game.

This is the kind of game where I would wholeheartedly embrace "clones" and "replicas" just as long as the story and characters are involved and realistic. Here's hoping that other devs follow along.

Sandwich Bender3260d ago

I came here to post that the game looked all purty and Alcon Caper's lengthy comment made me realize my lack of in-depth commenting skill. :(

What the squirrel said.

macalatus3260d ago

My fellow Sony gamers, whatever doubts you may had before witnessing these videos should be already dismissed. The videos show the epic potential of this amazing game made for classy, mature, and intelligent gamers.

Let me warn you, however, that 360 fanboys will try to shoot down this amazing game as "dull, boring, and not fun". The truth is, my fellow Sony gamers, is that the 360 fanboys will be crying that the new Splinter Cell and Alan Wake will disappoint The 360 fanboys already knew that from the very beginning and are simply trying hard to delude themselves that it wouldn't. It is probable that Halo Reach will bore them considering the fact that the Halo series featuring a Power Ranger ripoff character have long passed the mediocrity threshold. They will instead bash any PS3 games as horrible to make themselves feel better and make you question Sony's will to make high quality games.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!

Nostradavis3260d ago

I can't wait for this game.

Sandwich Bender3258d ago

Not all of us 360 Fanboys are irrational! I'm very much an "Xbot" and I think this game looks awesome.

3260d ago