Nikola Tesla: Fame brought to you by videogames, cars, and oh yeah, inventions

Nikola Tesla was undoubtedly beaten by Thomas Edison when it comes to inventions. But, as the Wall Street Journal reports, Edison's demeanor can't compete with that of the Serbian electrical engineer, who has in the last few years become the namesake of several important pieces of technology, and made famous once again from films and videogames. Including the upcoming Dark Void, set for release next week on the 19th.

But why not Edison? About Tesla...

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SasanovaS19873254d ago

russian? are you retarded? serbian, you uncredible imbecile. and in the real world, edison stole teslas invention, and claimed it his own. pay respect to the man who kickstarted the 20th century and beyond

inSaneELF3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Edit: uncredible imbecile?

That's interesting.

Darkstorn3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Tesla has not been as sensationalized in the West because of his ties to Communism. It's a shame, too, because his inventions were arguably more impressive than Edison's (though both men were geniuses).

xabmol3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

A man with a mind FAR ahead of his time.

I suggest watching a few vids about him if you are unfamiliar with his works.

Here's a short one for you. :)

hay3254d ago

Yup, I admire Tesla, his inventions, struggle and genius. This guy was above the age he lived in.

YoungKingDoran3254d ago

ive always thought if the world listened to tesla and adopted his inventions more instead of edison's, we would be so far ahead technologically than we are now

Solidus187-SCMilk3254d ago

I remember him from C&C: red alert. Tesla coils were scary unless you had a regular soldier rankd up fully to destroy it from safety.

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inSaneELF3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

No, nevermind.

3254d ago
lord_of_balrogs3254d ago

He was mentioned in Fallout 3 and had several weapons named after him. Ex. Tesla Cannon.

Kakihara3254d ago

Tesla has been one of my heroes since I was in my mid teens (about ten years now), you wouldn't think you'd need to idolize Tesla to spend all day watching oriental porn, drinking and playing videogames but in my case it seems to work.

I couldn't believe when I saw how they had worked Tesla into Fallout 3. Especially in Broken Steel when you get the Tesla coil to make a weapon with.

The man was a true original. As smart and mentally adventurous as he was, one of the main things I love about the guy is that he just accidentally created the coolest style on the planet (yes, I'm that shallow). Just look at the pictures of him in his lab. You'd swear they were concept art from an upcoming steampunk game.

By the way. Edison was a disgusting hack not fit to tie Tesla's shoelaces. At least as far as personality and ethics go.

TheBand1t3254d ago

I thought they were both remarkable men.

dragonelite3254d ago

You know history is written by the victor.

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