Natal development mandatory for all Ubisoft studios; not so much Sony's wand


Motion control will be meeting all of the current generation of consoles this year and Ubisoft is ready to support them. Already a keen publisher of Wii motion controlled games, Natal and Sony's Wand are sure to take a significant role in Ubisoft's upcoming release schedule.

However, it looks like there's a little bit of bias between the two technologies.

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chaosatom3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

be ready for shovelware!!!

But seriously, it sucks for gamers.
--Either they just make games for natal
--or they try to implement it into prince of persia game randomly so it says natal supported or something.

Microsoft is going to shove Natal down consumers' throat one way or the other.

How could they have this technology embedded if MS is still trying to cut down on lag?

Anon19743257d ago

I was already assuming that Ubisoft would have a Ravin Rabbids game in the works for Natal. No surprise here the Ubisoft had that geared up and ready to go.

Saaking3257d ago

I wish MS would pour more money into GAMES and not useless add-ons. Oh well, we'll always have Sony to keep true gamers happy.

The Maxx3257d ago

"Microsoft is going to shove Natal down consumers' throat one way or the other."

You mean like how Sixaxis was shoved into KZ2.

moneybuyseverything3257d ago

The shovelware excuse is getting old. All the developers say they will have a range of production value in their Natal games lol So I guess the PS-wand launching earlier will have top notch games that are not shovelware then?

Bu Bu Bu teh lagggggg LMAO.

Cold 20003257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

It sure didnt suck when Sony was trying to shove sixaxis down peoples throats one way or another by incorparating it in every PS3 game possible.

It's a pity nobody gave a damn about it. (edit: oops the maxx beat me to it)

"Hence the decision to Yves Guillemot to mandate all the studios to work on this technology since we had development kits from Microsoft".

Great to see it was an initiative from Ubisoft. They seem to really believe in Natal's succuss.

Capcom, Ubisoft and even Kojima himself believe in Natal.
I'll wait and see before definitely making up my mind.

@saaking: you mean like the Eye Toy? or maybe Singstar ? oh sorry bet you were talking about Buzz! or maybe the "Sony Motion Controller" ?
Hey guys here's some of that stuff Saaking is talking about that keep "true gamers happy" (eye toy) (buzz)
But hey Saaking and PS3 fanatics for some weird reason dont mind Sony investing money, time, and energy into such things.
But thinks that MS wanting to bring real games with Natal is "useless" lol.

RH063257d ago

Another thing for the Xbox to buy...Lets see, Xbox360, Wireless adapter, charge and play, yearly cost, dang all that for $$$...Glad I bought one with an HDD too, but hey your getting a bigger hose to suck the money outta my pockets right?

RememberThe3573257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

In fact, not many companies do. I can't understand why Natal is getting all this support from MS fans when the only company that has made good games with motion controls is Nintendo.

I don't want to get put on the hate wagon here, but it just seems like only MS fanboys and casual gamers are going to be excited for this. I understand how Natal can have tons of applications but MS isn't known for pushing the envelope or being creative, so I have to question how it will be really be used.

Hopefully E3 will clear this up for me.

@JOY: I'm thinking the Wand has been pushed back. We haven't seem anything of it and it's supposed to be out in a few months. They could have used CES to push it but we didn't see anything of it. I have more doubts about the "PS wand" than Natal.

JokesOnYou3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

"Natal development mandatory for all Ubisoft studios; not so much Sony's wand"

-hey, isn't sony's "wand" games due out in a couple of months, where's the vids/trailers, leaks, previews? Is anybody working on "wand" games? Hell is sony actually working on "wand" games, how about a *name just for starters. lol

ps3 extremists= Natal sucks!
Developers= Natal is exciting, lets see what we can do.

ps3 extremists < developers (not even close)


darthv723257d ago

By making it standard in some form or another. So long as MS enforces it in current and future titles it will become a standard like achievements, cross game chat and custom sound tracks. 99% of all retail 360 games currently employ those features.

If sony wants their wand to succeed then they need to strong arm the developers for support as well. Otherwise, it will just be a gimmicky add on like the current ps eye.

Noob3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Most games that support it are optional and the only game that really forced it down anyone's throat was Lair, which got an update to support regular controls. What a horrible attempt. One bad Sixaxis game won't compare to the inevitable shovelware Natal will receive.

Cold 20003257d ago

Because you think Natal wont be optional in games ?

Especially since theres 39 million 360's out there withou Natal...use your brain.

webeblazing3257d ago

well seems like they got some ideas hopefully good ones but it looks like since everbody is more attracted natal they trying 2 have people pick up their games along wit it which is smart as h ell especially since everbody knows how MS market they stuff in the US i truthfully want 2 see wat both company do cuz 3rd suck wit motion controllers so far even tho im not beat 4 moving around while playin

Carl14123257d ago

I'm pretty sure all this crap will be shovelware. I hope the Ps3 one crashes and burns and is dropped. I don't want it.

The Maxx3257d ago

Cold 2000 - you beat me too it.

Noob - Use your head. So Sony was smart enough to a) Later apply the control update to Lair and b) To make the use of motion controls in games optional...which they no longer support in current games. Meanwhile you imply that MS is not smart enough to set up games to give the user the option to enable/disable the motion option?

Sure some games will be mandatory for Natal...which someone wouldn`t buy if they didn`t have Natal.

FamilyGuy3257d ago

Their might be coming out later than sonys but the fact that dev kits for it have been out much longer shows real initiative.

I may not like what some fan boys say but they ARE starting to get a little more logical. Question like: "Where are the vids showing Sonys motion controller in action on real games?" are valid. It's supposed to be out pretty soon yet we've seen nothing.

As far as PS Wand title names are concerned wiki has a list and someone posted it just yesterday. No vids, but a list is better than nothing at all.

Christopher3257d ago

Ubisoft has raked in the cash on the Wii, only beat in sales and profits by Nintendo. They want the same thing on Natal.

The Maxx3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Actually I like that the 360 controller has battery packs. When my controller is dieing, I just quickly swap the pack and I am all set with a fully charged controller.

When my PS3 controller dies, I have to hook it up to the cord that came with the console and is only like 4 ft. Which makes gaming very uncomfortable since I now have to sit closer to the TV.

And if you say I should just buy another wire that is longer, then that is more money out of my pocket and still have a wired controller attached to my next gen console. And what is the cost of a new PS3 controller once the battery in the PS3 controller can no longer hold a charge and dies how mine is starting?

The battery back may be more money out of your pocket, but it is well worth the price for convince.

@ GameOn - Not sure if that was directed at me, but I don`t use the Wired charger for my 360, i have a stand that charges the battery not attached to the 360 controller.

@ The disagrees from my first comment that has 21 so far...are you 21 kidding me, there is 1 spot that uses the motion control and thats turning and setting the explosives...out of the whole game and you don`t think that was just thrown in there for the sake of motion 21 are out of your minds and are clearly are showing your allegiance to Sony.

SkyGamer3257d ago

Ubisoft has always leaned more towards MS. This should come to no suprise. For them it is easier and more cost effective to develop for PC, Wii, X360 and make the most amount of money with the least amount of costs. Anyway whatever the case may be, that means a lot more PC/X360 Exclusives. Besides I see Natal as and addition to the controller. Sneaky MS, have a motion tech different from the rest so you can "safely" secure exclusive games. Sneaky indeed!

GameOn3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I use standard rechargeable batteries.

How do you like using a wired, wireless pad? That applies to play and charge users too.

On topic: I don't mind shovel-ware as long as there is the odd brilliant title mixed in.

DarkTower8053257d ago

No matter what games will incorporate Natal people seem to be forgetting that Natal is OPTIONAL for the consumer. How can MS shove it down people's throats when they don't even have to buy it?

I only own a PS3, but the arrogance and stupidity that floats around every Natal thread is annoying as hell.

NewZealander3257d ago

i own both consoles, but for me sonys wand holds no interest, natal is obviously going to be a very good investment, both for party games and the more hard core titles.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

UBI wants to work on something fresh and exciting, that's why UBI and most other devs/pubs are backing Natal over the Wand. The Wand will get all the hand me downs and shovel-ware because its so much like the Wii. The Wand will get little support then by 2011 all will drop support for it because no one cares.

Edit below: Actually Saaking Half Life 2 was shown using Natal and Geometry Wars plus Burnout Paradise. UBI, Capcom, EA and Activision are all supporting Natal more than the Wand. If Natal can be used with core games like Half Life and Burnout than it can be used with other games like Portal, Fallout, Bioshock, Forza, Tony Hawk, and most Xbox Live arcade games :) have a nice day bro.

Saaking3257d ago

Sony has shown RE5 and LBP running through the wand. That's a lot more than MS rare tech demos. Heck, MS hasn't really show that much. The only thing we've seen is a racing game (which looked liked it had major issues) and some laggy minigames.

DaTruth3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

PS3 owners: We hate motion controls that is why we rejected them en masse 4 times already!

360 owners: We hate motion control gimmick... Till teh Natal!

There, I fixed your comment!

Lets just pretend devs are excited and there's not a whole lot of 50 mils being tossed around! Nah, MS wouldn't do that!

Bigpappy3257d ago

I wish 360 fanboys care as much about how much PS3 was forcing PS3 fanboys to love the dildo (sorry. I meant wand). I wish they cared that Sony was releasing the Wand with out any games, just to get it out before Natal. How could they expect developers to have games ready in 3 months? I wish 360 fanboys cares that the only way to get games out for the wand, would be to copy and paste all the Wii shovelware over to the waiting hands to PS3 owners who always wanted a Wii but could not buy it because it was not made by Sony.

DaTruth3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

You guys just aren't getting it! PS3 owners don't care about/want motion controls now just like we didn't want them with the Wii. Only you 360 fanboys are hypocrites who suddenly love motion controls, but bashed the Wii as a gimmick!

Seriously, this whole Natal affair has me believing all 360 owners are fanboys. There is just not one single 360 owner not hailing this as God!

I have yet to see even one PS3 owner who is hyped for motion controls! Sony making it, is not a reason to like it, unlike you guys and MS! We've rejected them like 5 times already!

ukilnme3257d ago

@ DaTruth

LMAO. Once again you are full of it. Calling 360 fans hypocrites. That's the pot calling the kettle black.

Jaces3257d ago

That's cool and all but I'm waiting for some vids of anything that all these developers are working on...supposedly.

Either way I think both the wand and Natal are going to disappoint. Already people are raving about Natal based on a couple vids that showed little to nothing except what it's capable of, and the wand...just no.

Bigpappy3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I mean, all those post I read in every Natal article saying the Wand is better than Natal could be just desperate 360 fanboys who can't wait to get there hands on Natal. Or, may be when "DaTruth" said that he would be all over the Wand, if it was added to Demon Souls with dual wielding, that was just me reading it and not understating that he doesn't want "the Wand" on the PS3.

vhero3257d ago

so less games will force the wand on you compared to natal? That's a good thing IMO I don't want every one of my fave games to be ruined by motion control technology. Fable 3 has already been announced to be complexly motion controlled. That is a perfect reason for me not to get the game if my 3rd 360 wouldn't have died. Seems Sony's consoles gonna have normal games and motion controlled while MS are gonna try take a piece of Nintendos market and considering their current market they gonna crash and burn. As there current users are gonna hate the new motion controls. Halo Reach is gonna be stupid with motion controls.

Tru_Blu3257d ago

The only good motion control was in Resistance 1. When the guys would jump on you and you had to shake the controller to get them off. If you are looking for precision you will be disappointed.

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PirateThom3257d ago

Just shoehorn in some extra features that could be done with a Vision Cam and Mic and call it a day.

PandemicPrawn03257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

So that 12 from Capcom and another dozen from Uibsoft.

Shovelware or not Natal looks to be well supported by third party developers.

Edit: How many games did Capcom say they were doing? I think I read up to a dozen also, but I'm starting to think I am mistaken on that.

Can anyone set me straight?

green3257d ago

IMO, this is an indication that all 360's will come bundled with Natal from November.I mean, i dont see the reason why they will make Natal development mandatory if they have not gotten word from Microsoft that Natal is going to be an essential part of every single 360 sold.

Sarick3257d ago

Well, I see the companies taking 2 approaches. Sony allows developers more freedom of expression. They also allow the developer to choose what features they support.

It seems MS doesn't allow as much freedom. When a developer licenses a product or wishes to utilize the 360 architecture MS set's guidelines. It's these rules that made Live what it is today. I have yet any games that don't support live in one way or another on the 360.

From my perspective I see this support being a basic requirement just like live support is for the 360. This way developers must comply and customers get the support MS wants.

In essence, I don't see the developers having much choice if they want their products on the 360. Just like Unreal when they wanted to give away free content MS didn't give much leeway there. The same can be said about this. MS holds a tight leash on there developers.

RH063257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

If it becomes a basic requirement and it doesn't live up to the cost, your going to see a slump where their are just crappy Natal games...

Edit- Or they could pull a Nintendo, Both MS and Sony!

darthv723257d ago

i see what you are saying. I would think making the hdd mandatory would be first. Then again, if they are pushing this so hard then it makes me think the natal will be cheaper to make standard than a hdd.

Sarick3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

The mandatory part would only be on the developers end. The customer isn't the deciding factor. They have the choice to buy natal. If they choose not to then they might be limited to controller only games or lose features for games that are hybrids.

The biggest factor for making the developer support mandatory is so the customer sees the natal as a full supported hardware. Crappy games or not if it looks like the next big fad Joe Public is blind most of the time. If you get enough interested in something it doesn't matter how bad it is they're still interested.

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mrv3213257d ago

Well this is stupid.

Ubisoft are basically cutting down their userbase on the 360 by 1/4 unless it's Natal and controller whcih is the best options but as allways this'll mean a less direct focus on Natal leaving it feeling tacked on and kinda pointless since the controller is superior

I want to see Natal games, designed for Natal only. That's the best route.

tripewire3257d ago

Thats actually the reason im psyched for Sonys motion controller. Sony has the muscle to get high quality 1st party games designed and built from the ground up for the wand.

That and im thinking Full 1:1 motion tracking on all axis, combined with 3d tv could result in something special.

Sarick3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

MS sets guidelines for developers who wish to use their hardware. If they don't follow these they can't develop for the 360 hardware. Even if the developer didn't care about x-game chat it's still a mandatory feature for the developer to code for it.

The title should read, MS tells Ubisoft all future games require mandatory support for the xbox 360. In this way the product can be pushed on the rest of the user base. Don't think MS hasn't figured this trick out. Remember before internet explorer Netscape was king. This was until MS to made it a mandatory install it in the original Windows 95's.

This is a way of pushing something out too increase its exposure. It's a way to force feed it to the masses willing or unwilling. If they can push it on the developers and Joe Public sees this support there is a high probability he'll feel obligated to make that upgrade. In other words the games Joe buys will eventually push him into buying Natal.

JokesOnYou3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

So lets say it's just a "tacked on feature" in most games....why would that make the game worst? Actually the worst case scenario in that situation just means its will used in minor gameplay elements like KZ2 did with the ps2 controller, nothing to make a bid deal about. You think its boring or a silly little addition, oh well enjoy the game, its not like having to lean the controller here or there makes KZ2 a worst game for the bother. In other words you take a great game WITHOUT Natal support is a great game, a great game WITH minor Natal support that doesn't do anything amazing, meaning the standard controller is 95% the main focus is STILL A GREAT GAME, even if you really didn't like how Natal was implemented. I highly doubt if Ubi or any dev find themselves in a situation where they don't think Natal is useful in a particular game that they would FORCE you to ENTIRELY USE NATAL instead of a standard controller, which means they are either going to build a game from the ground up with the focus on Natal or many games they will simply try to make Natal work with a standard controller to enhance the experience, and the fact that you or I have not seen any games or details about games from Ubi/devs means you don't know what will or will not be optional.


webeblazing3257d ago

i like how sony dev used da six axis 4 lean, snipping, balancing, throwing nades, etc. but the real point MS made was no controllers they maybe should do that later down the line but not 4 launch of it go hard or go home i think Rare is goin 2 have the best game out of all the devs doing natal games i really dont expect 3rd party devs that much hopefully lionhead do some thing good 4 our age group wit out loosin focus what they was tryin 2 2 do in the 1st place

Sarick3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I'm not saying these features have to make the game totally motion control or tacked on to the games experience. The features could be as little as the game having mandatory *basic* natal features.

Meaning at least system level support for Natal. MS can't have new games released that aren't compatible with Natal. It could be as simple as the player having access to the controller-less features even in a game that uses a controller by default.

Hopefully this isn't complex. It's not saying all games will suddenly become controller-less it just means they'll be required to have compatibility.

As for making it worse, no it'll just be supported. If something is supported by a lot of developers and there are games that require it the gamer has 2 choices. Continue buying games that have basic support or buy the Natal hardware to support those games that require it.

Tell, me If you are serious about gaming and a fan of (game-x). When you see that game on the shelves that says "Fully supports Natal, some features are disabled when only using controller" I think that'll be a crossroad in the gamer to choose to buy or not to buy Natal. With all the developers supporting it the gamer will have a higher probability of choosing to buy it. This is how companies sell add-ons by enticing them to the extra features.

Do you think Blu-Ray would have won the format wars if Sony didn't put blu-ray in the PS3? Think about this please.

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Redlogic3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

is it good that it is being supported so well or bad that Ubi is forcing support? I don't know...