Report: Upgraded iPhone 4G Due For April Release

STP writes: "We're all used to the routine of Apple updating iPhone hardware as the years pass by, each new release quickly making the previous iteration feel like old hat. It's the mobile equivalent of seeing your ex out with a newer, fitter guy or girl, so renewing that gym membership is suddenly not a point up for debate anymore."

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3253d ago
cpuchess3252d ago

Probably doesn't support Flash still....

baum3252d ago

More DRM shoved dow your throat which is why I don't buy music on iTunes. Also no optional keyboard and sh1tty headset. As soon as there is a phone with all these apps, more games and more friendly interface, I am done with this crap

3252d ago
Blitzkid3252d ago

I would give my left arm for the new IPhone!!

hikayu173252d ago

you might want to rethink that . the same thing happen last year and we ended up with the not-so-spectacular 3GS ( and still ,i got the phone a few months later XD ) . first , 4G isnt that all common in the US . second ,removable battery ? not so apple .dual core processor ? what are they trying to do ? melt the phone . any1 here remember the 3gs heat problem ?
do i need a third ?
im calling BS rumor .
btw , how did an iphone article got in here ? this is N4 gamers .

ps: there's a lot of questions in my comment , im sorry . i didnt mean to do that .

Sitdown3252d ago

Did you read the article, or just scan over it?...and you answer at least one of your questions in your own post.

likedamaster3252d ago

They're great smart phones. Tried all phones, at last the iPhone and will never go back. This is just rumor, let's wait on the Apple announcement before we get our hopes up, though. Here's to the new iPhone having HD output like Zune!

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The story is too old to be commented.