GameZone - Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Review

Louis Bedigan of GameZone writes,

"Like an old man sitting on his porch, Matt Hazard can't stop thinking about the good old days. He reminisces about them constantly, interjecting decent (sometimes hilarious) jokes and awful one-liners whenever possible.

One day, when a strange occurrence threatens to erase his world and everything he knows about 8-bit gaming, Matt Hazard is lucky enough to get caught in the middle, blasting his way through the past like all of it was new again. He travels through several environments, each representing fictitious video games that could have existed – and in the case of the blatant Super Mario Bros. parody, they kind of did."

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athmaus3255d ago

The premise of the game sounded interested, but looks like it didnt turn out to be that great eh?

trig4563255d ago

i would like to check it out, loved contra, metal slug etc. back in the days

Caspel3255d ago

Contra is an absolute favorite of mine. I have no idea if this will fill that role for me.

ktcat3255d ago

Yeah, does not look to amazing.

3254d ago