Uncharted 2 – 90 Days Later

"Then what's a ten?"
"Clowns over my death?"

It is lines like these that make a great game. When the first trailer premiered on the SpikeTV Video Game Awards back in 2008, it was clear that Naughty Dog was looking to make the best possible game, not only on the Playstation 3, but on all consoles. During that time until launch, many fans were thrilled to try to get their hands on the game. Sony even rented out a few theaters to show early gameplay to regular gamers, not just the media.

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unrealgamer583258d ago

lol that was the funniest thing i ever heard CLOWNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSS!!!!! !!!!!

Sevir043258d ago

"I Hate clowns" "CLOWNS?!" "I Hate clowns"

LMAO! Drake is really smooth on the talk, i love it. best game of 2009 hands down.

3258d ago