MAG Trophies Revealed

Jeremy Dunham from US Playstation.Blog writes:

"Ah yes, Trophies! We know you love 'em. How do we know? Because you guys have been relentless in asking us about which trophies MAG will have over the last several months! And so, we give up – you've gotten it out of us! Listed below are all 38 PlayStation trophies you can expect to unlock when MAG ships out on January 26. Will you be the first to get them all?"

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Double073260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

I was just about to submit this, you were pretty quick lol.

Anyway looks like the platinum will take a lot of time thanks to those gold trophies. I thought the list would be a bit better though, they could have had some where you have to win 5 games as Officer in Charge or Platoon leader. And earn one win as a squad leader is a silver? Thats easy as hell for a silver.

monkey6023260d ago

Well calling in all the specific strikes will required a little time as leader, But I'm glad they kept the leader trophies to a minimum. Last thing you'd want is a load of awful leaders because they want the trophies.

While the ribbons and badges would take some effort nothing seems impossible. I was expecting much harder because of previous online only games (Warhawk and Confrontation)

I dont understand the reach level 60 trophies though I thought you were tied to your choice of faction

Double073260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

"Last thing you'd want is a load of awful leaders because they want the trophies."

Very true, didnt actually think of that. And I wouldnt imagine the badges and ribbons will be too tough if you're gonna get to level 60, I assume you'd get a lot of them by just playing normally.

And it is odd having those 3 trophies for reaching max level with each faction, I thought you were supposed to be loyal to one faction. That was what the developers were saying a lot anyways =/

monkey6023260d ago

Yeah I get you! I know it was a beta but When playing you chose your Faction and that was it! You could only join another faction on another account. I wasn't to keen on that idea so at least it looks like it has been changed but having to swap factions for the sake of a platinum seems stupid.
You are going to play this game with friends or a clan, No two ways about that. Not everyone is going to be ready or willing to move sides and start again at the same time! And you cant play with friends of an opposing faction.
Makes little sense to me

mikeslemonade3259d ago

I like trophies in an online game. I don't play enough offline games. I play offline games one time through and then I don't want to go back to the boring game. I spend the majority of my time playing online and I get no trophies until now with MAG.

kneon3259d ago

Well the developers also said that you can change factions and that if you're doing well people may try to get you to move to their side. I've never seen any mention of how that is supposed to work though. For example if I switch factions do I start over at level 1? If I keep the same level then it's pretty easy to get all 3 of those gold trophies. Once you reach level 60 just switch sides. But that sounds far too easy, there must be some catch to it.

Redempteur3259d ago

OMG a gold trophy for each lv 60 faction ...!!

bruddahmanmatt3259d ago

Main thing IMO is that while some of the trophies look like they may take a while to achieve, they all look possible provided you're willing to put in a little bit of time. I don't mind a trophy like the 10,000 kills trophy in Resistance 2 or the top 1% trophy in Killzone 2 that requires I put in some effort over an extended period of time. What gets on my nerves are obnoxiously stupid and close to impossible trophies like Bad Company's "earn all in game awards" trophy which requires more than a few instances of dumb luck.

Chubear3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Clever how they implemented leveling replay. Instead of simply getting to lvl 50 and then "prestiging" (starting over again... and again.. and again) they've added much more depth so once you get to lvl 60 then you can respec a number of times which extends your experiences to varying degrees for a long time and then you can choose to defect if another Faction invites you... then you do the whole thing again getting to lvl 60 and then respecing as much as you like... then you can do it again for the 3rd faction all while experiencing a different feel to the gameplay while in these different faction maps cause every faction map presents a different challenge when defending and you can only ever experience defending one faction at a time. Pretty good and well thought out idea for longevity.

I'm so giddy for this game to launch. Whatever server issues arise within the launch period I hope gets cleared up quick enough cause I just want to jump on this thing every night when I get back HOME.

I've been jonesing for this thing since Beta closed lol

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spektical3260d ago

cant wait!!! couple weeks more!

Ma1nframe3259d ago

Zipper - get back to work on SOCOM 4. OBV Slant 6uck totally dropped the ball on Socom Confrontation (what a disaster that game was).

There is little to no hype around MAG, and with Heavy Rain the end of February, and the GAME OF THE YEAR 2010 GOD OF WAR III in Mid March..there is no time to play ANOTHER FPS..yawn yawn yawn


Ps_alm3k3259d ago

they say you will soon have an option to defect to the enemy side.

ikkeweer3259d ago

I had not seen that yet.
I will be buying this game day 1. I've played the Beta a bit and this just may get me of Killzone (asfar as shooters go).
But they said that they would try and put regions together first. I hate that, I don't wanna hear French, Spanish or Italian when I'm playing a game. Tthats why I set the regions on Killzone on worldwide.
Will using my US/account on that help, or will this be determined by IP?

younglj013259d ago

Yes you can stay loyal too your faction.Maybe at that rank you get tha chance to pick another faction if you want to.Maybe down tha road we could get a trophie for being a level 100 Raven if you can go that high.

Also will there be any snow maps I hope so.

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