Darksiders - ZTGD Review

Killer Wolverine writes: You are War, the first of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. You have been accused of inciting a war between Heaven and Hell and it is your job to clear your name and restore the balance. Like any fallen "hero", you have been stripped of your powers but that's ok because you still have your trusty sword, ChaosEater, to help in your quest.

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Lazarus693256d ago

Great score for a great game

StanLee3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

I'm loving this game right now. I was a bit on the fence about whether to get this or Bayonetta and Bayonetta has received fantastic reviews but of the two games, Darksiders really appealed to me more than Bayonetta did. That said, I'll be trading in Army of Two for Bayonetta this weekend.

PS. If you're interested in Army of Two, rent the game, play it with a buddy in one sitting and send it back.

Mwaan3256d ago

I can't imagine someone not loving this game. There needs to be 10 games just like this released every year.

Pennywise3255d ago

no. I would have no life!!! I loved this game. Good score. It upsets me to see people giving it 8/10... good score, but this game is better.

Myst-Vearn3256d ago

The combat is extremely unsatisfying and shallow, most weapons are useless. The puzzles are stupidly easy and dull, and the environment is bland. The story was so silly too. And don't get me started on the screen tearing.

Glad I rented this piece of crap, and people actually compared it to the likes of Zelda and God of War...

Lou Ferrigno3255d ago

Foe some odd reason i kinda believe you but i dont want to cuz i wanna buy it too but i hate bieng ripped off lol

travelguy2k3255d ago

and the screen tearing will not be an issue

Lou Ferrigno3255d ago

well i only gots a ps3 so im good to go then :)

Aaroncls73255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )


Professor Chaos3255d ago

I never saw this screen tearing that I am hearing so much about. I dont know if it has to do with the size of my tv or the fact that I was just into the game but I never once saw a screen tear. It is good to see ole KW writing reviews tho.

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