Top 5 Things Natal Needs to Slaughter Sony

From the feature top 5 list:

"Many modern games have complex control schemes that can be quite bewildering. If you're not playing a title every day it can take a few minutes to get back into the groove of seamless button pressing. Just a few months ago Microsoft announced "Project Natal" (temporary name) and have already shown off a good bit of what the hardware can do. Most hardcore gamers simply cast a derisive glance at the Wii section in their local gaming shop before breezing by to ogle the other games. What does Project Natal need to help Microsoft continue slaughtering Sony in 2010; today I take a look at the hardware and list out a couple points that I think are 100% necessary to the product's success!"

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iron_sheik3256d ago

PS3 is not 500$ anymore
PS3 will just crush the x360 in WW sales and it will stay that way

another lame vapourwire that will go down the way of too human

DelusionalMsBot3256d ago

Natal is the best because it is on the 360!!
We also get lag intergrated and we have no idea if it will work but i will buy it because i buy every 360 add-on even if i can get it free!!!


The Killer3256d ago


nice one, bubble for u!

these bots are just like u ;)!!

the site is begging for hits from the title alone!! i will never push the button!!

Bungie3256d ago

i just hope it comes with good games not shovel ware

3256d ago
deadreckoning6663256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

LMAO, how is it possible for Natal to slaughter Sony? Sony is an electronics company that deals in not only gaming consoles , but also TVs, phones, PCs, music appliances etc. The title of this article makes NO SENSE. Ur telling me that after Natal, no one will buy a Sony product ever again lol, just lol.

@Grewulf- Natal hasn't shown us what it can truly do because it isn't finished yet. It's 10 MONTHS from being released to the public. What do you expect?! What we should be concentrating on is the Wands. The Wands will be out in what..2 months. Why don't you talk about the launch games for the Wands huh? *Crickets*

Ur bashing Natal, claiming you haven't seen much, so why don't you also bash the Wands? Last time we saw a REAL demonstration of the Wands was at E3. Ur being EXTREMELY biased right now.

BAM, there it is! =D

Greywulf3256d ago

Really? Like what?

Bam, there it is.

AKNAA3256d ago

1. If you have a game intended to appeal to hardcore gamers, market it heavily.
2. Don’t release it until the hardware is as good as everyone thinks it will be.
3. Make sure there are some excellent titles available day one when it launches.
4. Put the emphasis on subtle movements; don’t make all the games a workout.
5. If you’re going to make mini-games, make them part of a whole, greater game.

This site is always great for sh1ts'n giggles!

D4RkNIKON3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

1. Buttons for accurate timing
2. The ability to play in small spaces
3. Detailed lag less 1:1 precision
4. Work with back catalog of released games
5. Feedback or rumble

Looks like Natal won't be accomplishing any of these things now will it..

"So the upshot of taking the custom hardware out of Natal is that it's cheaper for Microsoft to make and sell (which is a good thing in theory because more people can buy it)... but the downsides?

1. No patching into older games as Natal reserves a slice of memory and CPU time.
2. Variable performance based on system load.
3. Natal is unlikely to be used for AAA cinematic blockbuster games due to system overhead.

Suddenly Microsoft's revolution in game control looks like it'll be, initially at least, most at home with mini-games and nifty interfaces – a paradigm shift away from how it was presented at E3."

Anorexorcist3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

And with the recent news of the technological dependancy that Natal will require from the parent console the Xbox 360, it looks like Natal will be coming out with mere variations of the "Swat the fly with your hands"-type of minigames. Don't expect to see Gears of War 4 or Halo Umpteenth as Natal-centric software.

Now if Natal could produce games that require the amount of "passionate" activity shown in this video, I guess it could possibly produce something memorable:

joydestroy3256d ago

^^^rofl at that video comment!!!

travelguy2k3256d ago

What does Project Natal need to help Microsoft continue slaughtering Sony in 2010..."

Microsoft has not been "slaughtering" Sony. In fact they are not even keeping pace with Sony WW. When the PS3 launched the 360 had a 9 million lead, now its 5 million (approx). I guess by Microsofts point of view they've been killin it, but not by the rest of the worlds view.

captain-obvious3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Slaughter Sony ??
wow xbox fanboys got their hopes up and high
and i mean REALL HIGH
and what about nintendo ??
why just Sony ??

A Cupcake for Gabe3256d ago

I am thinking this is the best equation. You do the math.

PS3 + 1080p Real 3D + PSEye 120f/ps + Motion Wand (Sphere/Gem) > NATAL < Wii Motionplus.

darthv723256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Natal doesnt need to "slaughter" anything. It just needs to establish itself as a necessity. You do that by incorporating support for it in every current and future title. Making it a standard will ensure it survives and break the stigma of being a gimmick.

A few notable "gimmicks" that became standards: touch screen support in ds games. It is there (in some form or another) in 90% of all titles.

achievements: not sure what these will eventually lead to but there is not one retail 360 game without this feature. It is also a standard in live titles with a few exceptions being the indie games (for now).

My personal favorite...rumble. Although touted as "last gen" by sony, they were quick to bring it back in the ds3 (after the law suit ended). It is one of those things that once you get accustomed to, you miss it when it isnt there.

Natal might start out life as a gimmick but so long as it has the backing of the parent company, it will become a standard.

"Slaughtering" at's for livestock, not games.

thewhoopimen3256d ago

To summarize all this bullcr*p i'm reading: Natal just needs to "work". Let's get that through the door before we start banking all the other "wishes".

Rockox3256d ago

Well said, Darth. Have a bubble on me, good sir.

heroprotagonist3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )


I agree that the idea of Natal slaughtering Sony is ridiculous hyperbole, but you need to seriously check your facts. The 360 was not at 9 million when the PS3 launched, it was at around 6 million. Now the gap is about 7 million. So, the 360 has actually managed to widen the gap.

Microsoft announced they had sold 6 million consoles at the end of October 2006 and the PS3 launched in the middle of November, so the number was probably a little over 6 million. But still, the gap is likely a bit wider now than it was then. Here is some proof of those numbers:

rezenu3256d ago

...I thought Sony was a company, not a fire-breathing dragon...

Why does Natal have to slaughter anything?

GrandTheftZamboni3256d ago

LOL! He probably meant: "Catch up with Sony":

As for what Natal would need to slaughter Sony, I can think of only one thing: License and build in Cell processor :)

MazzingerZ3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

they should stop showing those TV-shop like trailers with happy and pretty people playing...just missing "before" and "after"...

Seriously, it shows MSFT is from the US, that kind of ads don't work internationally, they are clearly targeting the US market where they are doing good and leading over SONY.

They don't have the 1st party studios to support both casual and hardcore so they will probably go after casual due to that the money is there and let the multiplatform devs to release a couple of "hardcore" games in the beginning

The day they make a technical demo like SONY did then I'll get excited...SONY made a tech demo for devs. showing how the limitations of the EyeToy were not there anymore...MSFT made a demo for parents and children, showing how the EyeToy gameplay can be introduced as a "new" way to play games.

darthv723256d ago

i think you need to use this link instead:

If you are going to show a picture, make sure it is the whole picture. Not just what you want others to see.

GrandTheftZamboni3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

It's the same thing. I didn't try to show that PS3 sold more overall, everybody knows that it didn't. Both your graphics and mine show that PS3 is selling at higher rate than 360. Steeper line = more units sold/unit of time. 360 sold more because it had more time, one year (more in EU).

hay3256d ago

A hatchet. Damn lots of hatchets.

Saaking3256d ago

PlanetXBOX360 is a joke. First the xbox 720 will "dominate" next gen and now Natal will "slaughter" Sony. LMAO.

itisa3256d ago

...can be said for Sony's Wand.In fact Sony is likely to have the same thought.

DaTruth3256d ago

1. Miracles.

2. Magic.

3. Ronald McDonald singing, "Do you believe in magic?"

4. God to come down from Heaven and bless Natal.

5. Scientists from the future working on it alongside Jesus.

davekaos3255d ago

i will say this because i dont think anyone has mentioned it yet.
"What does Project Natal need to help Microsoft continue slaughtering Sony in 2010"
Continue slaughtering?? i thought thats what sony did to ms last year.

and on a different note, Project natal in order to succeed i think you need a controller of somesort, but i wont have 1 so i cant see it doing that well

Real Gambler3255d ago

It need a PROCESSOR!

Without an internal processor, Natal is simply the good old PS2 EyeToy! It's a plain camera, with microphone, and some ultrasonic sensor. Funilly enough, by just adding a USB ultrasonic sensor bar (a bit like the Wii bar) to their existing PS3 Eye (which already have a truly awesome microphone array), any third party devs could now make games for BOTH consoles. Nothing proprietary in the Natal design anymore. It's just some cheap hardware. And sure enough, devs like EA would jump on the opportunity to port those simple "EYE" games on both consoles.

With a processor built in, Natal was truly locked up to the Xbox. Now, it's just a gimped version of the original concept, stealing precious processor power which is usually needed somewhere else as the console is getting old.

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LaurenKB1233256d ago

List is great, gotta love some of the ideas that Xbox 360 fanboys are throwing out there but I actually think Natal will be good hardware....

sinncross3256d ago

1. Sony will do the same with the Sphere so mute point.

2. The PS3 Sphere will most likely release before the Natal. The longer MS take, the less effective it could be at market penetration. PS3 sales are ramping up and outselling the 360 in a worldwide count. If the Sphere takes off and release pre-Natal, then MS have their work cut out.

3. Similar to point 1: if MS are going to want Natal to work obviously they need good games day 1, just like they need to market AAA exclusives for the device. And once again, Sony will do the same.

4. Probably the best point of the lot. A combination of games with varying degrees of movement would be the way to go.

5. I'm not sure if adding mini-games to a larger game is wise, though clearly an arguable point. A mini game collection will most likely be the way to go but it really depends on how effective the overall game is.

I'm still yet to see clear footage of Natal be used in the games most traditional gamers care about: 1st and 3rd person titles. Until then, the device seems more ethereal the tangible. Hopefully MS will change that soon with some footage of games in development beyond what they showed at E3.

Godmars2903256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

I'm sorry, but this is MS we're talking about - does that honestly have to be explained?!

Though I think a solid sign of how Natal will do will depend on if the non-gaming features, the Minority Report type menu controls, are available day -one. If they have to come later and in stages its going to be trouble.