Bungie: ODST development was 'frustrating'

Halo 3: ODST's creative director Joseph Staten has cited the game's development as being "frustrating", due in part to its "expansion pack" origins.

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SuperStrokey11233253d ago

From everything i read in that article it makes me think that ODST should have stayed a expansion to Halo 3, same thing with firefight, than been a standalone game.

Not exactly the best arguments there i think...

Elven63253d ago

It technically can still be called a expansion pack since there have been plenty of cases in the past where standalone expansions were created for games.

While I didn't mind paying $60 since I got a ton of fun out of it, the original $40 price tag would have been ideal for ODST, in the end the change didn't reflect well on Bungie or Microsoft even though the latter is more involved with such things.

Bnet3433253d ago

I agree $40 would of been the sweet spot, but now you can find the game at that price and before the game came out you could have found the game on Amazon or for $45-$50. Glad I got the game for free :)

webeblazing3253d ago

i feel whatever team made ODST should of made a new or at least a live arcade like epic

A Cupcake for Gabe3253d ago

Yeah. I noticed that when Killzone 2 outsold Lost and the Damned, MS said it was only because KZ2 was on disc, and if GTA DLC was on disc, it would of done better. I really think MS may of did one over making this a full game, when in fact, it should of stayed as an expansion.

OhMyGandhi3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

never played the game because my system Red ringed for the 5th and last time. She was a fighter, but lost the battle, unfortunately.

There were health complications when Microsoft gave birth to it, and we thought we were through the worst.

EVILDEAD3603253d ago

LOL @ Halo Haters who repeat the samer stuff about ODST over and over...but never played the game..

Easily one of the best games of 2009. Halo fans F-ing loved the game..because that's who the game was catered to..the fans..

And when September rolls around..we will be back..

Loved Halo wars and loved ODST..played Firefight for hours on end..although I wish it was a part of matchmaking..

The best part was watching people like Hip Hop gamer expose himself by repeating the same old ODST hate lines and proving he never played..he talked about the intro cutscene and didn't have a clue about what lied beneath.

The fact that there were literally three overlapping plots that all linked at the end was easily Bungies best story work..

Still the best 4-player campaign engine in the business..there were amazing moments in the game that nobody other than Halo has still been able to pull off..cough..Banshee level alone..

Bungie has already do blowout mags on what they cut out of Halo adding Firefight to it.just shows what that game would have been like if it had a Killzone 2 development time.

Bring on Reach Bungie..please


coolfool3253d ago

why would they keep it as a downloadable expansion pack when they can make so much more money selling and marketing it as a full game?

I reckon that Halo: ODST had to be one of the biggest profit games in the franchise if you look at how much was spent on it compared as a percentage to how much profit they made.

TotalPS3Fanboy3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

And that they later decided to call it a "full game".

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Bnet3433253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Oh well, time to move on I guess. ODST wasn't horrible by no means, but it wasn't exactly a complete package. Just a solid game. I'm a fan so I had to get the game, plus it includes Halo Reach beta too. Halo Reach will be much better.

SoX FireBlade3253d ago

so they thought about firefight before gear's horde mode


erathaol3253d ago

Just calling something by its original name seems less inspiring. I mean Survival Mode just sounds so last gen, going with Horde or even Firefight is way more interesting.

etownone3253d ago

As much as I liked ODST... the game did hurt the Halo franchise when they priced it as a full game.

I'm sure many of the casual folk out there might think twice of buying another Halo game a year later after the disappointment that ODST was....

lsujester3253d ago

Some might, but I imagine we're going to be flooded with Halo: Reach promotions for the next several months, so they'll probably change their minds and buy another one anyway.

webeblazing3253d ago

E who that chick in the pic

divideby03253d ago

why didnt they release it as an expansion pac than....just what they say and what they did dont make sense.
this was the only Halo game I outright refused to purchase

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