Natal: Not all it's cracked up to be?

GamesRelay looks at recent developments with Natal and wonders whether the system can actually match what was presented at E3 last year.

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Blaster_Master3258d ago

Just look at that girl in the picture. Look at her! She's playing some water game. Who the hell is gonna play a water game with their friends on or offline together? Really? Milo? Milo?!!!!! Peter and the rest of his crew are insane in my eyes. Please, please dont get me started on that elephant cause right now cause I think im gonna freakin snap!

nogolis3258d ago

People are trend set morons... Believe it or not, there are plenty of moronic people in the world who would sit around and play a water game and flick their hands back and forth lookin' very absurd in the process. Natal should be in every mental institution across the globe cos' only retards, idiots, crazy people and jerg offs will get into it... Sadly, the entire world is comprised of 95% of nothing but.

Natal will make a huge splash cos' it's "NEW" and "NEW" sells. New sells because idiots think they have to be on the cutting edge of something no matter how stupid it is. The pager comes to mind in the 90's... Some idiots would have the pager and the cell phone. Stupid? Yeah, just a little bit. there are idiots in this world who go out and buy a phone every 6 months. Some jerg off's buy a laptop every year, knowing very little about the fact they can upgrade them themselves at half the cost.

People are morons. Consumers are the most idiotic people on the face of the planet. They will buy a turd if their friends did. Just so they're not left out of the loop. Heaven forbid someone be themselves and have a mind of their own. Why do you think the Jonus Brothers and Taylore Swift are so popular? Do you think it's because they're talented? It's because the media fed them to a couple "cool" kids and then those "Cool" kids had to be emulated by other kids trying to be "cool" ...

You're about to snap? I'm right there with ya.

Blaster_Master3258d ago

@ nogolis .

Dude, that was deep. I never looked at it like that until now, and now im not mad at fanboys anymore. I realize they are suffering more then anything and I need to help, not make fun of those who are in need. Thank you Noglis. I would like to shoot you in a game or two one day. Add me.

rroded3258d ago

but i still hope they deliver something fresh n ya so far looks like a flop
also hoping the ps3 wand delivers seems a bit tighter for the control n the wand will have buttons at least.

sinncross3258d ago

This info on Natal is worrying.
But perhaps the worst part about it is that we are yet to see any tangible use of Natal on 1st person and 3rd person games.

So far the PS3 Sphere seems more promising.

bacon133258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

I can't wait to care even less after it debuts. Natal just seems like it is destined for the bargain bin unless some kind of stellar "hardcore" games are developed for it. I would love to see some rich gameplay come E3 of someone wrecking house in Gears 2 using Natal or slinking around as Sam Fisher in SC:Conviction, but I feel this will never happen let alone a great new IP for the peripheral. I usually have the "don't judge until it's out" mentality but I just feel underwhelmed by the whole thing, and E3 09 Natal demos didn't help win we over either.

AKNAA3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

"Just look at that girl in the picture. Look at her!"

I'm looking... at the E3 video and I would so tap that a$$.

Back to subject. In the eye's of non 360 fanboys, we know that the natal tech demo was pretty pathetic, Lame, embarrassing and hilarious at times( Ricochet/ splish splash painting, lagging, you know...)

But who knows, maybe, just maybe, it actually might have improved since capcom is working on a title for it and all and since one of my favorite dev. is capcom, I won't judge any further until I see a complete natal game in action.

LordMarius3258d ago

....uh Taylor Swift is talented -_-

indysurfn3258d ago

Look at you attacking a girl because you think people will stereo type the girl as not knowing anything about gaming. I'm looking at YOU, and this fanboy article. I noticed you didn't attack G4TV. I notice you didn't attach gamespot, or IGN or any expert male dominated game sites that PLAYED BURNOUT with NATAL. Why didn't you? Because people will instantly realize that game requires QUICk reflexes, and a instant response, and all that tested it said it had INSTANT responses! Not a single person that play tested it at E3 2009, or after E3 2009 said there was any delays. In fact they praise it for being instant, with good controls. I also noticed that at E3 Microsoft has already said that the NATAL box will have it's OWN SILICON. Now out of PURE negative fanboy speculation out of a fanboy site your trying to say it will be a load on the xbox360's three CPU's. WRONG, you FAIL, fantoy. I wonder when the ps3 waggle comes out will you supply the same logic? I dought it. Will the same site, and fantoys say there is a delay for the waggle because translating will put a load on the PS3? Especially since I have not seen a word about the PS3 waggle having it's own silicon inside the waggle!

DMason3258d ago

There sure are a lot of haters out there. Every other article is either "Natal is Doomed" or "Natal Will Fail.' It's almost like these gaming blogs have it in for the thing already and it hasnt even been released.

I say give it a chance. Dont count your chickens before they hatch. You never know, it might just blow people away.

UnwanteDreamz3258d ago

One article from a fanboy site huh?

So how many for these sites got it out for natal?

ThanatosDMC3258d ago

Milo and Natal is Pedobear approved. So it wont fail... probably.

beardpapa3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

I wonder how many of you have tried doing those publisher/advertising gigs online. Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me why we have a bunch of positive [or negative] reviews on certain products. The one advertising only needs to contact the publisher and tell them if they want a positive, negative, or generic opinion of their product. It is ultimately up to the one publishing to accept or decline the offer, so it doesn't surprise me if a bunch of the reviews out there are paid for and told to write something positive, or paid for and told to write something negative.

Especially, given that these are websites generating a large number of unique visitors and much higher # of page impressions, they are prime targets for big advertisers. Heck, even twitter is a medium for advertising. The only problem is, we can't find out for sure if the article is a sponsored writeup since the FCC doesn't really say we have to be blunt about it. We only need to disclose it somewhere. For that, we'll have to find the disclosure page somewhere hidden in a site to see if they really are getting paid (or not) for writing their articles.

Maddens Raiders3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

how Natal is supposed to work in a practical way. I'm being drop dead serious here. I don't know much about the tech or how it's supposed to work with most hardcore games (other than a few demos I've seen of Milo, Burnout, etc..), but being that fps' are ruling the day right now I would think that devs are trying to implement this new system into the genre.

I posted this same thing a while back and no one really ever responded as to how Natal will work with your "run-0-the-mill" fps game?

For the life of me - I just want someone, Anyone to explain to me how this works, because so far all I've got is:

Imagine a square on the floor and you're standing in the middle of it. Move forward in the square to walk forward (backward to move backward, etc..). To sprint, move to the far edge of the square and do high-knees.

Drag your foot along the floor to "spin" the scenery. Drag your right foot back to turn left or forward to turn right. Kick hard and keep your foot off the floor to do a pirouette.

Hold your hand like a gun and then, to fire, blink your left eye OR lower your thumb down to the knuckle of your middle finger.

phalanx_mark3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

reading what the travellers tales guy says I agree with him, natal is very clever but imperfect.
However I think the lag issue wont matter in certain games where they can anticipate the lag. With the right games natal can shine.
He is not the only developer however to question natal's accuracy; imo precision stuff is out of the question; this from Rob Pardo

rockleex3258d ago

I certainly hope not!

It needs to surpass what was presented at E3 last year by tenfold!

Have you ever wondered what the bottom of an Avatar's shoe looks like?

Bigpappy3258d ago

I wold like to thank you for your deep concern for a product you will never use. I know that you only want the best for 360 owners and that your concerns about Natal is only to help M$ release a better product. We all know that the wand is superior and will be released this spring with all the great game that we have all seen. When Natal fails like you so lovingly predicted, you will get the honor of yelling to 360 fanboy "I told you so!!!"

Arnon3258d ago

For hardcore games, Natal will probably only be used in subtle ways such as upper body tracking (head, torso, etc.) for leaning and being able to look at various things without having to turn the camera.

sikbeta3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )


Don't care what Console you support, I only going to tell that your Logic is Almost Correct but you're forgetting that the xbox consumers are "HARDCORE" and natal is going against they "HARCORE NATURE", the thing can be hyped to Damn Much on the InterWebz by the M$ Fan-Crew but in the REAL WORLD it doesn't work like that

Peace øut

Blaster_Master3257d ago

Tap that ass? Are me talking games or porn now?

Maddens Raiders3257d ago

Arnon thanks for that answer! so this will be used limitedly in full blown "involved games" and somewhat tacked on maybe to older titles in the library for things that you just discussed (leaning, peaking, camera movement)?

..what i want to know is what's going to make all the Natal based games so different from the Wii's drawbacks (to hardcores) other than the graphics?
I mean we are talking the 360 here... not exactly the domain of the cute, furry, and fam friendly Nintendo types so what is going to be so mind blowing about making facial expressions and getting animated in front of your set to the average hardcore gamer?

How is this going to shift the landscape of the industry if it's not being implemented FULL BLOWN into say a Halo Reach where you can play the entire game with Natal? Was this ever conceived or was this never going to happen because for a while there MS was making it sound like gamers don't want/need controllers anymore because Natal is here.


Arnon3257d ago

Since it's basically a camera that can track in a three dimensional environment, it could quite possibly be used for things such as hand tracking. Making various symbols for games such as Rainbow Six.

Of course, some games will fully support Natal. I have no doubt in my mind that various parts of Fable 3 will be Natal-only (if you own it, of course). Fighting games could be done with it, though of course they would most likely be watered down... still, they're hardcore for such a device. We know Rare will create various games for the product as well.

In all honesty, the only games that will fully support Natal will be the casual titles, with possibly a few hardcore games that work with Natal only.

Still, it is nice to have body tracking for hardcore games. Works on PC quite nicely.

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fafoon3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Project Anal Doomed to Fail

Kyur4ThePain3258d ago

The lack of buttons / physical controls will be remedied in due time by Microsoft with another "must-have" $50 peripheral that will include all the buttons needed.

sinncross3258d ago

Funny you mention this because if you read interviews straight after Natal was shown, MS are quick to point out that they wanted games to use both Natal and the standard controller...
so much for controllerless gaming.

indysurfn3258d ago

The lack of ENOUGH buttons on the waggle will be remedied soon by Sony putting out a new must have item for the PS3.

Sonyslave33258d ago

LOL yall ps3fanboys are scared of natal hahahahahahah and yall better be.

iron_sheik3258d ago

natal will go the way of xbox -fail
after ps3's price cut it is all over for x360 in console war

dustgavin3258d ago

360 fans should be worried about the missing processor. Let's see how the 360 handles that extra 30% processing load. Get your fire extinguishers ready!!

RBdrift3258d ago

You hit the nail with they better get there fire extinguishers ready, because something tells me that MS going to expand there 3 year warranty to 5 years after natal releases.

mesh13258d ago

keep wondering sony editor .