The Diablo 3 Year in Review: June 2009

Diablo IncGamers' month-by-month review of 2009 continues with another 30 days of memories. Yes, it's time for June, when students everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere breath a sigh of relief, several days before growing bored at home with nothing to do.

June was an empty month when it came to new official info. Bashiok kept busy in the forums, but we saw no new Diablo 3 previews or interviews, no bestiary updates, no new screenshots, etc. There was a lot going on in the community despite that, including the build up to the one year anniversary of Diablo 3's public debut, when fans everywhere hoped that Blizzard might do something cool to celebrate and commemorate than the design team or their PR extensions.

Regardless of that, June was a fairly busy month and this one went long.

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Leord3258d ago

I'm still surprised and disappointed they did nothing for the anniversary. they could have just released an Abd al-Hazir chapter or something....

Holyknight30003258d ago

Yeah i know, the fans had to do something for it. I know myself and another fan artist made a wallpaper or three for the anniversary.

Leord3258d ago

I never even thought about that. I suppose a lot of fan artists kind of rely on concept art etc for their inspiration or "stock" material for art...

Cogo3258d ago

Since they have been working on it for the last 7 something years, perhaps they didn't see the one year anniversary of it being *announced* as a major deal...

Holyknight30003258d ago

To them it was probably a blur and forgot when they started it or they had their own anniversary inside the company. I'll go with the latter but that's my thoughts.

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Maticus3258d ago

That Barbarian painted diarama was very nice, meant to pick one of those up.

Holyknight30003258d ago

I'd get one too if I had the money to spend on it. But alas I'm a poor soul with very low income.

Dorjan3258d ago

really getting tired of d news now... the game will never come out! :lol:

Cogo3258d ago

It's funny how much new stuff can happen in a community that is of interest even though the developer is fairly quiet...

Holyknight30003258d ago

yeah it's like we're the drive that keeps the hype going after so long. Especially during the news droughts.

Redrudy3258d ago

That was a year since announcement? So we are a year and a half after announcement. I don't know whether that feels about right or not. Some times I think it was years ago and other times maybe a year.

Leord3258d ago

For me, it just feels like AAAAGES ago...

Holyknight30003258d ago

It does feel like ages ago already and atleast 80 plus wallpaper artwork too. Whew what a busy time.

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