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"Darksiders is a great game and most players should get a solid 20 to 30 hours of entertainment from War's odyssey. The fun and enjoyment factor is strong but the entire title lacks just a tad to put it over the edge. The first level seemed to be a missed an opportunity to start the game out with a bang. After all, you were supposed to be ushering in the Armageddon, instead you are treated to a tutorial level. That aside anyone who was looking forward to this title will be very happy with their purchase and will surely satisfy many curiosity seekers alike. A strong showing for a debut title from Vigil Games and I am looking forward to what they do in the future."

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WildArmed3196d ago

I'm debating to either buy WKC or Darksiders.
I'm holding out on opinions of WKC b4 i decide.
But Darksiders does sound pretty good atm >.<

monkey6023196d ago

I wasnt pushed about this game at all. I noticed it to rent when I was about over the weekend. With the positive reactions I'm thinking of going down and getting it to try it out