New Orange Box Screens

New screenshots of Half-Life 2: Orange Box on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Bebop3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I was really looking forward to this game coming to the PS3 but i no longer feel the same knowing the fact that EA will not be able to do the PS3 version any justice.

I can already see fanboy's slagging the PS3 when it's version has FPS issues or inferior textures.. This is so inevitable i almost wish they didn't bother doing the game for PS3 at all to spare it unnecessary slagging off.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3814d ago

Can't wait! October 9th, hurry up. :)

esemce3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

EA are not making the game are they? Do you know the difference between the roles of publishers and developers? I've read the same kind of thing concerning Haze, Ubisoft are not creating (developing)the game Free Radical are. The devs are like a band and a publisher is like a record label to put it simply. Dont worry all versions will be fine, like I've said before Free Radical have never produced any sh1t and the same goes for Valve.

Bebop3815d ago

The fact is Valve are doing the PC & Xbox360 versions only because the lazy PHuckwits could not be asked to learn how to program the Cell. They instead gave the task of creating the PS3 version to EA developers. Time you started crying too if you were looking forward to this game box for the PS3.

MoonDust3815d ago

I want to try portals, i like puzzles.