Loot Ninja's Cosplay Girl of the Week 1.14.10

Loot Ninja says:

"What is better than video games and really hot chicks? When said really hot chicks are dressed up as video game characters. After the jump is our official Loot Ninja Cosplay Girl of the Week. We don't know her name, but we like it that way. Remember, just because you wanna bang a Pikachu, that doesn't make you a deviant.

May be NSFW as it depends on your own standards. No nipple is shown, so use your best judgment, we don't want anyone to get in trouble."

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greyishfox3255d ago

my pants just went from dead to alive

s8anicslayer3255d ago

Now I know that articles like this are not news, but! why would someone or people report these submissions lame, spam on a consistent basis? They are gaming related since they are game characters and if you have no interest in women fine just leave the article alone and move on

toaster3255d ago

This is not one of the better Kasumi cosplays I have seen.

S M N3255d ago

yeah this one not good like last week

600-700 degree top

Gyshall3255d ago

The same people marking it as spam approve the "Loot Ninja Cosplay Guy of the Week" post, so I think it's clear what is going on there.

Sangria3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

For people who are interested, this girl is Francesca Dani and is a professional cosplayer (and she's seriously ugly without makeup and Photoshop).
Yes, I may be against cosplay on N4G, I'm not a dumb who post random pics found on the Internet without a minimum of culture and research.

teenieboober3255d ago

Seriously. Loot Ninja is the lamest web site on the Internet.

Why don't you guys just post porn if you want the hits so badly?

fiercescuba3255d ago

so says the guy with the screen name:


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The story is too old to be commented.