Critical Gamer: Fallen Earth Interview

Critical Gamer Writes: There's something about Fallen Earth that caught our Critical Eye. Perhaps it's the effort the developers have made to distinguish themselves; more likely it's the similarity the post – apocalyptic world has to the Critical Gamer offices after the Christmas party.

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Jim Crikey3108d ago

I don't usually go in for MMOs, but this sounds interesting.

scruffy_bear3108d ago

Everything I see a screenshot I think of Mad Max

Mondayding3108d ago

Bet there isn't any anti-jewish ranting at cops in this game though!

DemonStration3108d ago

Is that Lilith from Borderlands in that last screenshot?

Cubes3108d ago

MMO in a post apocalyptical world sounds superb. A welcome change from sword and sorcery.