Heavy Rain 'Caters To Casual Gamers'

NowGamer: A Sony fact-sheet detailing the unique features of Quantic Dream's cinematic thriller says the game is accessible to all

According to the document: "Heavy Rain combines sophisticated themes/tone/content with intuitive gameplay that caters to casual as well as hardcore gaming fans..."

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-Alpha3261d ago

Well considering the game consists of QTE I'm not too surprised-- Heavy Rain is essentially an interactive story and it's been billed as just that. It's going to be unique and it's going to require open mindedness, but I'm sure it's going to be a very accessible game-- though I find it hard to think casual gamers would play an M-rated game since it limits the appeal.

The Meerkat3261d ago

The more I hear about this game the more it seems to be a next-gen Dragons Lair.

i.e. It looks nice.

sikbeta3260d ago

Heavy Rain Sport?
Heavy Rain Galaxy?

Nah, I don't think so

Mature Content FTW!!!