EndSights: Dragon Age: Origins Return to Ostagar Review (Xbox 360

After a sudden and surprising delay, Return to Ostagar is finally live. Along with the other two DLC packs, Warden's Keep and The Stone Prisoner, Return to Ostagar tells the fate of King Cailan. While the DLC is more of a short episode, it's interesting to learn of King Cailan's fate.

Return to Ostagar starts out in Bann Loren's land. Walking into the land, you'll find Elric, an honor guard to Cailan that you fought in Ostagar. Elric has encountered some of Bann Loren's men, who end up stabbing him. After all is said and done, you talk to Elric and find out that he has escaped from Bann Loren's prison. Elric now sends you on a quest to recover Cailan's important documents and, along the way, find his body.

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