Rare to let more publishers 'borrow' characters

Rare is considering allowing more publishers to use its characters in third-party games - after Sega licensed Banjo and Kazooie for All-Stars Racing.

CVG reported in December that Sega had signed the rights to use avatars of the pair in Sonic & Sega's All Stars Racing - which is due for release on 360, Wii, PS3 and DS in the first half of this year.

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THE MAX SPEED 213258d ago

why dont they start f1ckin making games already

WildArmed3258d ago

well atleast we might get Banja Kazooie DLC for LBP o_O
(if ne1 wants it that is)

webeblazing3258d ago

i thought they wuz even tho u maybe dont like da market they're after

NYC_Gamer3258d ago

Rare might aswell just close up shop...

blu_yu_away3258d ago

Wouldn't mind seeing some Banjo in Super Smash Bros.

darthv723258d ago

Maybe all the mascots need to get together for one big battle royale. chief vs mario vs snake vs.....the list goes on and on.

Of course they need to get the ok from their respected companies. Be like super smash to the x10 degree.

Wishful thinking

tunaks13258d ago

that would be pretty awesome,
imagine Master Chief vs Samus vs Snake
or Link vs Kratos vs ?Master Chief?

Super Smash Bros : Console Wars

tunaks13258d ago

poor banjo, hasn't have a good game since n64

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