So the Wii Plays Netflix, But Not DVDs?

Loot Ninja: Yesterday's confirmation that the Wii will be getting Netflix streaming via disc this Spring solidified the need for movie watching on your console. But one thing stuck out in my mind as I read the press release - it still can't play a DVD movie. While Wii games are all DVD format and movie playback is only limited by software, it's baffling why Nintendo has chosen to not add this feature to their system.

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ActionBastard3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

I think Nintendo holding their guns and keeping the Wii a "games only" machine (for all intents and purposes) was the right thing to do. Look how long its gone without movie playback. Perhaps, if the response to Wii Netflix is good, a software update will get released for DVD movie playback.

Nineball21123227d ago

Hmmm, never thought about a software update. I don't own a Wii, so I guess I didn't realize they could do that.

StanLee3227d ago

Netflix is laughing at these console companies all the way to the bank but I still believe without Microsoft taking the risk and it being a success, we don't see Netflix on consoles. Microsoft showed it was viable and it has been a success.

ActionBastard3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Netflix was streaming to TVs long before Microsoft "took a chance" and it was viable and successful (i.e. the reason it's on the 360, PS3 and Wii to begin with). Netflix obviously doesn't care what box streams their movies.

A Cupcake for Gabe3227d ago

Netflix came to all the companies, Nintendo, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, the Bluray commitee. MS just snagged the console deal for one year. Sony has had in europe a channel on the PS3 for a while, plus, netflix boxes and bluray players have been streaming netflix for years. Microsoft taking risks? LMAO. Then why does every game on the 360 fail other than shooters? Cause MS sticks to what is a gaurantee sale. Where is Heavy Rain, Flower, Last Gaurdian Xbox? No where to be found? That's because MS never thinks out side the cube.,

darthv723227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

dvd playback has already been proven but nintendo has it locked out, why I don't know. Maybe they dont want to go through the hassel sony and ms did when they released their dvd player software on the ps2 and xbox respectfully. It is also capable of hd resolutions but nin keeps it locked to 480p to stay with the least common denominator. Someone buying the wii for casual gaming and whatnot can hook it up to ANY type of tv and play without having to worry about resolution settings.

If the demand is high enough, they may unlock these hidden treasures but for now that is nintendo's call. As for the netflix disc, I think it will eventually become a channel you download from the shop. That way it runs internal without the need for the disc. PS3 will get that too one of these days.

Considering most havent even hooked the wii up to the internet, this might spark interest. Plus, it may make people who don't have wifi go out and get the equipment. Either that or nintendo will start selling lots of usb ethernet adapters.

StanLee3227d ago

You know the Microsoft hate is getting a bit old and fanboys really should just fcuk off. Reed Hastings himself said that Microsoft approached Netflix with the idea and at first they did not think it was viable or that the console gaming audience would embrace the idea. Netflix was being streamed to internet ready blu ray and dvd players because it was believed that that audience would welcome a movie on demand service. Microsoft took a huge risk. The community could have said, "this isn't what we want, give us more Halo" but the great thing about XBL is that it allows you to monitor and quantify the amount of unique users using a service and it was a success from day 1. Now please STFU you fanboy douche.

Pillville3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )


um, why won't my picture's post?

Pillville3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

since I can't get images to upload, here's a link.

asdr3wsfas3227d ago

"dvd playback has already been proven but nintendo has it locked out, why I don't know"

The license to play DVDs (MPEG2 data format) costs about 10 dollars a wii and they wanted it priced cheap.

sikbeta3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

1·Microsoft hate?

Like if it's the only Console attacked by fanboys, right?

Fanboysm and HATE have more than ONE way you know, so tell the same thing to the M$ Fan-crew and let see what's the response

2·Why "Netflix is laughing at these console companies all the way"?

Because the Service will be adopted by EVERY CONSOLE and the Netflix Crew will have more Consumers?

Seriously, I can't understand your post

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matey3227d ago

Nintendo can do a software update to support 576p instead/aswell as 480p which would make games have longer legs because the jump from 480i/576i to 480p is a big jump on SSBB,SMG,ect on less developed games it would work wonders and would still officially be a ED/HD system leaving 720p/1080p for wii2 plus NETFLIX woukd look better aswell 576p the best non proper HD resolution and would look good next to 720p\xbox360 resolution wise lets all shout for it and we will get it

asdr3wsfas3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

"While Wii games are all DVD format and movie playback is only limited by software, it's baffling why Nintendo has chosen to not add this feature to their system."

It costs money to buy the license to play the video encoding (MPEG2) for DVD movies. It would have raised the price of the system. Netflix is optional for payment.

The entire idea behind the wii was making it cheaper and more accessible. This was one way of doing it. They realized everyone who wants to watch DVDs has a DVD player. The 10 dollar savings was passed to the consumer who only wants to play video games. The wii is the only system of the 3 that rejects the idea of video game console as multimedia hub and this reflects that choice.

This is why the wii isn't HD. They have talked about this over and over since before the release of the wii. Instead of inane speculation these sites would benefit actual discussion if they read statements from nintendo executives.

They likely won't add it because it looks like a total ripoff if you don't get patent law but have to pay to download the DVD decryption key. "They had this all along but they made me pay for it!" Customers have DVD players and this looks like DLC for features since most people have no idea you have to pay for the license to play DVDs. If they add it at all it'll be a purchasable DVD channel but it would be extremely boneheaded if they did.

It's not baffling if you have any understanding of business or patent law. Everyone who cares owns a DVD player, which generally retail for 20 dollars new. These articles are garbage.

EvilTwin3227d ago

lol @ disagrees

How dare you try to talk about the business sense of not playing DVDs, bob!

asdr3wsfas3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Clearly I'm wrong. Nintendo is just being lazy. Patents don't exist for data encoding and I'm just a fanboy.

We need more articles like this. However, no one should ever ask why the ps3 goes on the internet but won't let you use the browser to watch hulu. It only does everything (that doesn't threaten traditional multimedia distribution by letting you watch TV whenever you like).

Nintendo should lose money or charge the customer for DVD playback. PS3 should block visiting hulu even though it includes a browser and costs nothing extra for Sony and the customer.

Moar trash journalism plz. Blogs r future cause written by ppl like me LOL.

EvilTwin3227d ago

I understand that people say "oh, a cheap licensing fee, that's not a big deal."

But you add $10 here and $10 more there, and suddenly you've cut into your profit margin (if you still have one). It doesn't make much business sense, especially considering that everyone pretty much already has a DVD player.

asdr3wsfas3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Exactly! A browser...well, gotta pay for programmers. DVD, divx, CD or mp3 playback...gotta pay for programmers and the license for each format. Large hard drive...gotta pay for that and to assemble it. Navigation menu with extensive features and customizable online....more programmers. HD, well now we need better hardware, more expensive dev kits, more expensive cables...

If the wii had one of these things they'd still call it inferior because the other systems have more. It would then lose price advantages. If it had all of these things it would cost ridiculous amounts. They can't do this. People don't save money cutting out big purchases ususally, it's stuff like 6 dollars at work on snacks or a pack of cigarettes daily (180 monthly).

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BenCrazy4243227d ago

Its possible to play dvds on the wii, you just need a homebrew. Its funny that netflix is coming first instead of updating the wii with a dvd video player.

rambi803227d ago

Will they get a cut of the netflix revenue?

asdr3wsfas3227d ago

You are illegally decoding the movies. That license costs money. This is why they didn't release or update the wii for it. Everyone who can afford a wii for 200+ dollars can buy a 20 dollar DVD player and is overwhelmingly likely to own one.

MidnytRain3227d ago

This was a "me too" catch up thing. First it was for 360, then Sony jumped in (which I haven't decided if I'll use it), and now Nintendo seems to think they're getting left behind. Another thing, weren't they a "games are the most important things" kind of company? God I hope they don't try to pull the "we were planning this all along" sh!t. DO YOU PEOPLE NOT SEE THIS KIND OF STATEMENT BEING SAID ALL THE TIME?!

asdr3wsfas3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Netflix had an exclusive contract with xbox at the beginning and ps3 just got netflix a couple months ago, showing nintendo just took longer in discussions. They have a deal with the BBC from a while back to put their player on wii so this isn't new or catch up to them. In japan you can order food on the wii.

"Another thing, weren't they a "games are the most important things" kind of company?"

Which is why this is optional and doesn't increase the price of the console...they let third parties like opera release internet browsers too, they just won't waste their money on them.

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