How Xbox Could Have Helped The Dreamcast Survive

There have been rumors for years that Microsoft planned to buy Japanese game maker SEGA. But did you know SEGA hoped to make the original Xbox compatible with Dreamcast games?

The SEGA Dreamcast was launched in late 1998 to great fanfare. The console - featuring dial-up online - was years ahead of its time. Then the Sony's PlayStation 2 launched, and the SEGA console never recovered.

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-Alpha3259d ago

MS allowing Xbox games on DC? What?

I've always thought XBL was the natural successor of Sega Net, or at least was what Sega Net should have been.

I wonder what Sega Net would be like today.

The Dreamcast was a great console. I would have loved to have them around today but the PS2 really crushed the Dreamcast.

I grew up with the Dreamcast. It has a strong cult following and a soft spot in many people's hearts.

3258d ago