TouchGen: Arachnadoodle Review

Arachnadoodle is the result you get if you combine Peggle and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Inject a large amount of fun, and make the spider cute as a button, and you got a true winner.

In Arachnadoodle you have to launch Boris the spider across a room to connect his web between pegs. The more pegs you connect with the same launch the more points you gain. There are also bonus flies to eat to gain points and extra launches. To successfully complete a level you have to connect all the pegs with web. Once you have either connected all pegs or run out of launches the flies arrive. The strength of the web determines how many flies you catch. If you failed to connect all pegs you will have to retry the level, and thankfully the game is so fun that it never feels like a chore to replay anything.

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