Gamefly Charts: Darksiders Knocks Off Bayonetta

"For the week of January 11, 2010, Darksiders knocks off Bayonetta from the top of the cross-platform Gamefly 'Most Queued' list. Following close behind is Army of Two: The 40th Day.

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested lists:"

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Rikitatsu3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Bayonetta is a niche game, of course it won't sell well no matter how good it is, even the "low" reviews for the game complained about the "style" its too niche for them, so they score it down.

They Gush over mainstream western games like Darksiders and GoWIII , Bayonetta, even though its a much better title, is doomed to fail financially due to it being Japanese and niche.

dorron3170d ago

I prefer Darksiders's gameplay, story and artwork hands down. Darsiders FTW!

asdr3wsfas3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Gamefly charts are horrible. In most cases these actually represent lost sales since they're rentals (unless they're trying then buying).

There's no point in considering them. Even if you ignore my last point Mario 5 is number 8 overall. That says volumes about the type of gamers who use gamefly. 10 million people own Mario 5 and so have no reason to use it! This is not a representative sample of all console owners, even for xbox or ps3!

3169d ago