BioShock 2 review is in

The first BioShock 2 reviews have arrived, via both PSM3 and PC Gamer magazines... and it's good news.


Added it to the PC channel.


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Solans Scott2988d ago

Patiently awaiting February 9th.........

Pistolero2988d ago

The first was one of the best games I ever played....looks like this one is gonna be just as great.

execution172988d ago

if i don't get mag... :( but maybe i won't get either money woes coming left and right nowadays

Double Toasted2987d ago

a work of art...such a brilliant design that game has. The only game so far that I can think of that gives it competition is far as art direction goes.

Lifendz2987d ago

still feel this was a guy that didn't need a sequel. Maybe a prequel (play as a rapture citizen right before the city goes crazy).

Solidus187-SCMilk2987d ago

and have been sad because of the delay but so far it seems to be worth the wait.

Ill play it no matter how good/bad the reviews are, but im glad to see it getting goood ones.

This game is gonna need some good attention after being delayed, as there are ALOT of great games coming out early this year too.

Glad to hear, as long as it feels the same im really excited to play BS2.

StanLee2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Great news. I was a bit apprehensive as Ken Levine was not involved and the direction of the sequel didn't seem to have the same allusions to real world themes that the first game did. Glad to know the writing is still on point. Still, no mention of the multiplayer?

ABizzel12987d ago

The first Bioshock was a good game. The plasmids truly made the game, they gave you a huge amount of flexibility that 90% of shooters don't have (I consider Bioshock a FPS/Adventure like Metroid). The setup and location of the game was very refreshing, and the story was good (the story was not as brilliant as people make it out to be).

So I guess I'll be returning to Rapture once again, to kick Big Sister's ***

Rockox2987d ago

I'm not terribly interested in playing this game anytime soon (way too many other games to play), but enough positive buzz may make me change my mind.

rambi802987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Damn - look out for news of my wallet in the obituaries

These guys and bioware are leaders in console videogame storytelling - cant wait to see the latest efforts.

goflyakite2987d ago

Awesome to hear. Can't wait.

Blaze9292987d ago

Hopefully a demo comes out - preferably multiplayer.

RockmanII72987d ago

I would add Braid, and while I haven't played it yet, I have heard great things about Muramasa's art direction.

Saaking2987d ago

Bioshock, and Heavy Rain feb. Awesome, good thing SCC got moved back.

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Lucreto2988d ago

Can't wait I have the special edition ordered.