PS3Gen: Amazon report Gran Turismo 5 in september

Amazon sended a mail to report the release date of Gran Turismo 5.

From PS3Gen, sended by Amazon:

Gran Turismo 5
Official release date: September 30, 2010
Expected Delivery Date: October 01 2010 - October 05 2010

Although we make every effort to ensure that each customer receives a service of impeccable quality, sometimes the constraints are independent of our will thwart our goal to satisfy you fully. We are sincerely sorry.


"Amazon SENT a mail to report the release date of Gran Turismo 5. "

Sorry :p

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tripewire3260d ago

Sony needs to release this game ASAP.

I and my friend are both hardcore GT fans and we are both over this crap. Much longer and GT is going to become redundant. Sure it might be great but no one can play it. Equals not so good.

Shadow Flare3260d ago

Firstly, I don't believe thats the official date. Never believe online stores when they throw dates out.

Secondly, Gran Turismo isn't a run of the mill game that gets pumped out every 2 years. If you want a racing game to play, there are plenty out there. But this one game is trying to achieve things that no other game bothers to attempt. It takes this long. End of.

Maddens Raiders3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

"Here is what was written in the news yesterday:

Do not rely on different dates displayed on various shopping sites, since they are based on nothing ...

Here is what is written in the news today:
Indeed, the site selling online "Amazon" announces the postponement of Gran Turismo 5.

No comment -_-' "

the rush is on - good times indeed. get those backorders in early all you online retailers! ;)

FangBlade3260d ago

Releasing it 2~3 monthes after GOW 3 is understandable, but september? thats too far! :[

Lifendz3260d ago

Sales are up and there are no shortage of AAA coming within the next few months. Why rush it?

If you're a GT fan and you've waited this long, what's another few months? If it doesn't come out this year I can see getting up in arms but as of right now it probably got pushed back to Fall so it can count as a major Q4 release.

Personally, I wish a few franchises I'm a fan of (looking at you Resistance) would take the extra time to make a great game rather than avoiding delays.

Game13a13y3260d ago

this game is no Halo, come on people. i'd say its okay for them to take more time to polish it to perfection before they ever consider releasing it out to the public.

Shadow Flare3260d ago

It may be delayed but I still think we're due a summer release date. A few people on here seem to think it will be pushed back to Q4, but just remember that 3 out of 4 Gran Turismo's have released in summer. So there's a good chance GT5 will release in summer. Especially since sony are pressuring them to release the game

Crazyglues3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

for one I have the game reserved at Amazon and they have sent me no such email-

I should also note that when it was pushed back to march they sent me an email telling me the new date was now March

So the fact that I have not received one saying it's been delayed again makes this suspect as a lot of articles these days on N4G turn out to be fake..

They also said this was just for japan - so saying we are now delayed to Sept... Something is fishy here, I will wait for the Real Announcement...


irepbtown3260d ago

I was just thinking,
First we was told release date was September 2009, Then December 2009, then March 2010, now September 2010.
1 whole year, weird right?

I can't wait for this game, i loved every other GT. GT5 looks amazing, but the release date issue is really getting to my nerves now. But i hope BFBC2 can make the months go faster lol.

Hope i see you on GT5 when it comes out. Peace.

rockleex3260d ago

I don't know who told you that, but DEFINITELY NOT Sony.

The only release date Sony ever officially announced was March for Japan.

Just yesterday, Sony said GT5 will be pushed back from the original March release date in Japan only.

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moneybuyseverything3260d ago

Well I hope they polish it up. A few more months will do this game some real good. If this is true.

qface643260d ago


EDIT: oh google translate nevermind

yogaflame3260d ago

i think it will be worldwide release December 2010. Frustrating as it is, they want to profit on Christmas

True_Religion3260d ago

PS3 has no games for 2010!

Only Blu Ray movies and a SPecial Blu Ray movie called Heavy rain.

champ213260d ago

milkbox is just as bad as the delaystation :P

Wrathman3260d ago

official..gt5 gets released the same day xbox 720 is released.with a copy of forza 4.which blows gt5 away with next graphics.


PlayStation X3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

lol wrathman, yeah forza needs a new console to keep up with gt5.

@retarded 1st post

mag, gow3, gt5, heavy rain, the last guardian, agent, wkc, la noire, modnation racers, trinity, twisted metal? ff13vs? resistance 3?, motorstorm 3? killzone 3? all 'PS3 ONLY' then theres the agency, dc universe and ffxiv multiplat but not on 360.

who aint got no games??
just try n compete with that list

Mista T3260d ago

I'm pretty sure when it says september "2010" that it's in 2010

ur retarded if u ask me

YellowLightofDeath3260d ago

I like what you did there, padding your list with uncomfirmed titles that havent even set a release date! A good majority of those will be 2011. I guess it's a defense mechanism you have cause GT5 will never see the light of day. Most likely it saw Forza 3 and needed to step up it's game.

Sony Droids and their spin control. It's so cute to watch.

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