Diablo 3 Update: Waypoints are Back, Fire Mongrels are Out

While the Diablo 3 information trickle is just that, a tiny little trickle, one or two updates are coming through.

Waypoints are now confirmed, as is the new version of the "Mongrel" or "Zombie Dog".

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Leord2990d ago

Well, it's nice to know we'll have Waypoints...

Cogo2990d ago

To some degree I agree, but I was kind of looking forward to this feel of being left out in the wilderness, fighting tactical and ferocious at the same time...

ThanatosDMC2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Yeah, but that's gonna be a long run towards wherever we have to go to.

Also, it's good that they took out elemental enchantments from the minions since in Hell Mode those measly elemental damage would be useless. Unless they keep on detracting more and more away from the idea of Diablo and more to World of Warcraft.

Fyzzu2990d ago

Some news is better than none, I guess.

Leord2990d ago

Could be a lot more, though...

AndyA2990d ago

Yup, it's time we saw a little more, Blizzard.

Cogo2990d ago

I'm surprised Waypoints are in the game. They made such a big fuss about not having Town Portals, and now we'll be able to teleport in to our friends and waypoint around...

Make up your mind?

ThanatosDMC2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

It's because they're torn up with WoW integration than actually just staying with a Diablo type game. Even during Blizcon they would shut up about WoW when the panel was about D3.

I really hope less WoW and more Diablo influences. Also, i hope there arent any more "godly" items in D3 in which basically everyone had them like Ebotdz, Grief, and Enigma runewords.

Maticus2990d ago

OOO waypoints, good news indeed!

Dorjan2990d ago

Fair enough, if it sounded like a good idea but wasn't then scrap it!

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