Modern Warfare 2: Unusual Laptop Game Winning Kill

There has been emerged a new video of Modern Warfare 2, which shows an unusual game winning kill by a laptop.

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CernaML3227d ago

Just another glitch. But that made me lol.

thereapersson3227d ago

I mean for f*ck's sake, not only are there a crapload of glitches in this game, but now stupid n00b-tastic BS like this?

Granted, I laughed at the moron who bit the dust, but still...

The Happy Baby3227d ago

If everyone keeps b*tching about it, lol.

It was funny. Dont ruin it with tears.

phosphor1123227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

It MIGHT be a glitch. It looks legit, but it makes the knife stab motion along with the knife sound...

Sitdown3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

If you are trying to take any video game seriously, then I think it is about time you turn your console off and go outside for a while...unless the game is a life or death situation or you winning or losing some kind of prize you really should not take any game too seriously... Real question for you, what game(s) do you take seriously?

Alcon Caper3227d ago

I tried this and couldn't get it to work. He just pulls out his knife or if I'm too late, it goes to the predator/harrier view.

So I guess it must be a glitch. Plus I don't think you get a call sign or emblem for it either.

D4RkNIKON3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Nice remark but I think he meant that he doesn't have respect for the game. So instead of taking his comment "seriously" you should lighten up a little or close your laptop and enjoy some fresh air yourself.

I agree with you. I spend a lot of time playing MW2 because it is a fun game, but what IW did with this game was kick us gamers in the balls and run with our money. They added new weapons maps and perks to the COD4 engine and let the consumers do the beta testing. Thus game ruining glitches that put cheaters on the top of the leaderboards and noobs setting off nukes by boosting 25 kill streaks. Not to mention the fact that they might even charge us for DLC that they included on the disk but was disabled..

FACTUAL evidence3227d ago

Exactly why I'm sticking to killzone 2....

Sitdown3227d ago

"Doesn't have respect for the game" Again..if that is what they are saying, then they definitely need to turn the console off...and if you are agreeing with them, then you should probably join them on their gaming hiatus...and get a picture of the bigger world that is out there. Besides, the game did not make itself...if anything, you don't take the developers serious or don't respect them...not the game. Haha, the fact that you think I need to "lighten up" just validates it....this is so not a topic to be serious about to begin with...but I appreciate your need to come in and try to defend somebody else's comment though.

viperman2403227d ago

I did that by mistakes a few times. Right before I used a predator missile someone was in front so my 1st reaction was to stab him.

And I stabbed that person with the laptop, I was loling, but yea surprised people are finding this now.

rockleex3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

He had the Magnum out, with tactical knife.

When he knifed the dude, it was the same motion as a tactical knife.

But I remember doing this accidentally a couple times. Some with a regular knife, and some with a handgun tactical knife.

mega BIG time3226d ago

hahah i didnt play mw anymore 3 weeks after i got it, but this kind of makes me want jump back in. On second thought, ive still got a lot to do in demon souls.. only regret i have is ever playing that snooze fest that is Killzone2

Tru_Blu3226d ago

mega BIG time what is your PSN name? Mine is BluHavik.

Can't wait to see what percent you are on Killzone 2, oh wait you never played it. Go back in your hole.

mega BIG time3223d ago

by hole do you mean my gamer-cave? Because i would gladly:) And no my gamertag is King Flow and you may notice that I unfortunately wasted 6 hours completing a very lackluster killzone experience.. Now back to GOW collection ;)

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MajestieBeast3227d ago

Okay that made me lol laptop kills.

bradz01113227d ago

I saw this today while i was playing MW2 on xbox 360, but you cant actually go about with the laptop, you have to bring it up and hit them with it just as you bring the laptop up.

Erotic Sheep3227d ago

Seriously it's a game about WEAPONS. A laptop is NOT a weapon, so trust me this is a glitch alright.

THE MAX SPEED 213227d ago

Pretty sure if i Smack you in the heard with all my streghnt with a Labtop you might die.

mrv3213227d ago

The laptops aren't the things in store but instead bullet proof. I think if a riot shield can kill you then so can thise.

xAlmostPro3227d ago

its part of the game, it happens when theres an enemie in melee range and you use a killstreak that requires the laptop :) i think it does it by itself actually, but i tried to melee aswell so it could have been either(i've done it myself, a guy was coming at me just as i had press it and he got smacked lol) kinda funny though! :D

Nitrowolf23227d ago

this happened to me before, mybe this one isn't, but i ran with the labtop and couldn't use its harrier even wen i put it away. only happened to me once. lol its funny

mcnablejr3227d ago

you realy think a glitch would have such a fluid animation?

Nitrowolf23227d ago

well, then if it isn't a glitch then how is it done? And for me i was able to switch it like a weapon(only with the right pad) and couldn't use its harrier effect until i died

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