3D Dot Game Heroes Coming To Europe

Rob Burman from the EU PlayStation Blog writes: "Yes, it may be the start of a new decade, (where are those flying cars and robot butlers, by the way) but I'm here to celebrate the past… or more specifically, the past of videogames. Why am I revelling in the world of yesterday? Well, it's because I'm here to announce a brand new PlayStation 3 exclusive: 3D Dot Game Heroes – a nostalgic wonder-fuelled time-travelling trip back to the glory days of 8-bit gaming. And it's coming to Europe this May. Rejoice!"

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Corrwin3258d ago

Though it won't be a day one purchase... I dig it's style :)

Sangria3258d ago

Great. I certainly wont spend 70 euros over this, but knowing we're not forgotten is just great.

Lucreto3258d ago

Day one no problem. It looks amazing all we need is Demon Souls and we are in business.

mastiffchild3258d ago

Indeedy! Why should the many of us suffer because millions of our countrymen and women were silly enough to buy Just Dance? My French friends will be REALLY pleased about this as they've, apparently wantd this one from the very start and one of them, Christophe, is making a UT3 mod in the style of 3D Dot Game Heroes as we speak.

I didn't buy the view that DS isn't coming because they doubt it will sell very well. The continent would love the game(esp the French and Germans as they love that asthetic from what I know of a lot of their gamers)and here in the UK, while a lotof us got sick of waiting and had it imported(I STILL haven't got my cash back from Paypal over the second time I got ripped off trying to myself! Maybe they just won't believe it's happened to me again!)should they do as they did in the US and release it in a limited fashion it could easily generate some hype as a cult game for tough oldschool gamers and as the reviews would be ace tooo I doubt it wouldn't do similar nuimber to what it has in
Japan and the US over all of the EU-if not more sales. I fear, however, it's the cost of ll that localisation that's really stopping a nich title comiong over here so why doesn't anyone ever just do another ruin of the US version ship some to the EU as imports and stick some subtitle patches on the PSN to cut costs down completely? Noone seems to want to try this and it looks a great way of taking advantage of region free and testing your game for a posible full release later into the bargain, no?

3258d ago