Pirated Copies of Splatterhouse Hit the Net -- for $675

WorthPlaying writes, "How much is a pirated, pre-release copy of Splatterhouse worth? Ask one of the game developers behind the title and they will likely tell you it is priceless. On the other hand, if you ask the Michigan man offering up copies for sale on the Internet, the answer is much more precise: $675."

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thereapersson3253d ago


I can't believe this guy is so dumb, but on the same token I really can...

A Cupcake for Gabe3253d ago

yeah that's smart. let's sell stolen games. what an idiot.

rroded3253d ago


why would anyone pay for this???

Syriel3253d ago

Hopefully this won't mean another delay for the game.

3253d ago
MK_Red3253d ago

Even a single copy makes its way the internets, the game is dead and the legit one will probably and sadly get cancelled. A sad day for all Splatterhouse fans.

Rubberlegs3253d ago

I'm pretty sure it can only be played on test kits. That's why he is offering test kits for sale with them already installed on them and recovered copies for those who have test kits. He does say he plans to destroy the original source that the recovered copies came from but still not to wise to try and sell them, especially at that price.

Syriel3253d ago

Ever since the XBR mod came out (just before the new year), modded retail systems have been able to play anything, including unsigned code according to various Xbox forums on the net. XBR basically broke any and all security on the retail systems so if you have a XBR 360 you can play dev code.

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