Ripten Review – Darksiders

Ripten writes: "Allow me to begin this review by addressing two crucial audiences. The first would be the open minded gamer that isn't out to crucify a game because it borrows successful elements from titles that have come before it. If you fall into this category, simply skip the rest of this paragraph and move on to the next. You could perhaps use the time you saved at the end to make yourself a nice ham and cheese sandwich. And now for the second group. A congregation that believes something must be ground breaking and original in order to be good. Pushing the envelope may sound nice on paper, but I implore you to ask George Lucas how he feels about a certain Jar Jar Binks right about now. In the end, I'd much rather a game that figures out what it wants to do, and proceeds to do those things at a level worthy of my hard earned cash.

So without further delay, I will attempt to explain to you why Darksiders is one of the best action platformers on the market, and more importantly, why the title is worthy of a spot in your precious videogame collection."

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Sandwich Bender3261d ago

Originality is definitely important, but quality is key. A game can copy all it wants as long as its good, especially if its better.

Nostradavis3261d ago

I agree 100%. If you think you can do something better than someone else why not give it a shot?

gynecologistcobra3261d ago

I'm glad they're going to fix the screen tearing issue. I'm also hoping that I can check this game out before Bioshock 2 is released.

Nostradavis3260d ago

from what I understand the screen tearing is only on the 360 version

FrankDaTank3261d ago

Welp. Considering the fact that there is no next gen Zelda I guess I'll have to give this a rental.

3261d ago