Murder over PS3 theft leads one man to prison for life

An argument over a stolen PlayStation 3 lead to a murder of one man and the life-long criminal conviction of another, according to a story today in the St. Petersburg Times.

The dispute began when a self-professed drug dealer, Edward Stoddard, believed that another man, Doug Abrams (both of Wesley Chapel in Pasco County, Fla.), broke into his mobile home and stole a PlayStation 3 and other property while he was locked up.

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Obama3258d ago

Drug dealer..he must be a fan of Nobi Nobi Boy.

ThePostalDudeX3258d ago

Hey PS3 may be good.....but it ain't THAT good. No need to kill someone man.

ravinash3258d ago

Sounds like both of them were not very nice people.
It does make you think that the people who act like this, do so because thats how everyone around them acts.

ThePostalDudeX3258d ago

@ravinrash I blame violent Video games.

LordMarius3258d ago

Two birds with one stone.
As cynical as that may sound you know its true

Kratos Spartan3258d ago

what i would do to someone if I found out they stole my PS3. Call me pathetic if you want, but it's all i have and look forward to everyday. Not the console in particular, but just playing games. And the PS3 is the only console I currently have.

Bazookajoe_833258d ago

This is so relevant when it comes to gaming.

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