Five Reasons You Absolutely Must Buy A PS3 This Year

GT: Sony has been hitting all the right cords lately, and just like a master chef knows how to bring all the right ingredients together to prepare a delicious meal, the giant has made ready many features, software and peripherals that makes the PS3 your best choice this year. We have five strong reasons why:

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alphakennybody2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Top Five reasons why this kind of article is getting old

1-5) It's old! and lame

The Ps3 doesn't need one or two more reasons,it has more than enough already to sell. Same thing with the 360 and the wii.

AKNAA2987d ago

I'm really getting sick of these top 5/10 reason list bullsh1t every damn day! enough already! I want news! not every website's top 5/10/15/20 list constantly!!

qface642987d ago

i don't need any reasons to buy a ps3 i bought mines A LONG TIME AGO

FamilyGuy2987d ago

how they suggest that there might be ANOTHER price cut to the PS3. That kind of thing is what makes people not buy one because they're waiting for it, even though it's unconfirmed and illogical (this year anyways).

On the point of the article:
I could name five reasons to have bought a PS3 every year that's it's been out, this is pointless.

AAACE52987d ago

Everyone must buy a Ps3 this year!!!

And you can start with buying mine. It's for sale, $250, 80 Gb, excellent condition, bought 8-20-09, still under Sony 1 year warranty.

If you live in southeast wisconsin, send me a PM and we'll set something up! I'm not BS'in!

Bungie2987d ago

i think better multiplayer game and more improved PSN

SoX FireBlade2987d ago

I haven't bought the wii

so they should make top 5 for it

and they are the almost the same reasons between 360 and ps3

SaiyanFury2987d ago

While I can agree with the points, I must disagree with the 3DTV point. I have a large 1080p HDTV but I'll never bother with the whole 3D thing. I'm a tech-head. I love new gadgets that make my home theatre experience better, but wearing some set of glasses that "enhance" games with a mere gimmick doesn't encourage me. Lord knows I enjoy my games as they are now. I wear sunglasses outdoors as well as some indoor outlets as I have very light sensitive eyes, but wearing glasses to play games really doesn't appeal to me. Let alone having to spend another 3 grand to get a TV equal in size to my present one. I already spent over 2G on my present TV, I don't plan on spending ANOTHER 2+ thousand dollars on a TV merely for a gimmick. 3D gaming will NOT save the industry nor will it incur more sales of the PS3. 3D will ultimately die as the gimmick it is and will pass into the bastion of history as did the original 3D with the plastic red and blue glasses of yesteryear.

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ps3hasonlyflopgames2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

no have reason for getting a PS3 Slim, Ps3 systems keep getting worse in this days..

-over heats very fast.

-cannot install another OS.

-freezes all games.

-all games is delayded ( gt5, kz2, ffversus)

no have Reasons for buy the waitstation 3..


ThatCanadianGuy2987d ago

oh c'mon, you KNOW you would love to play God of War 3.
You can't deny that

Dev8 ing2987d ago

Since it consumes a third of the power that your xbox does I doubt it generates more heat.

TheTeam062987d ago

Reasons why not to buy a 360

- overheats very fast, including burning houses down...

- cannot install other OS (did you really make this a point?)

- scratches, melts or freezes all games

- all games.... suck.

- have to put up with people like "ps3hasonlyflopgames" ; online (is that what the $50 is for?!)

Cyrax_872987d ago

GT5's been delayed for a month in Japan and FFXIII Versus hasn't even had a release date announced. What about Alan Wake and Splinter Cell?

Trebius2987d ago

Avoid playing with children that save up their lunch money for an xbox like mr. flop over there.

The only reason NOT to get a ps3 is if you're a loser M$ fangirl.

Bodster2987d ago

"no have reason for getting a PS3 Slim, Ps3 systems keep getting worse in this days..

-over heats very fast. - Xbox failure rate? My bro's xbox has broken 4 times...

-cannot install another OS. - What? the xbox can?

-freezes all games. - The only game that has ever frozen on my ps3 is MW2, but that game is soo bugged to hell i know it wasnt the ps3's fault.

-all games is delayded ( gt5, kz2, ffversus) - That is because ps3 games strive for perfection. Killzone 2 was fantastic and hosts some of the best console graphics ever.

no have Reasons for buy the waitstation 3..


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W-k2987d ago

ill give you one reason. Uncharted 2.

Dutch Boogie2987d ago

God of War 3 and GT5 nuff said.

LordMarius2987d ago

#1 Reason: Its not a 360

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