Five Reasons You Absolutely Must Buy An Xbox 360 This Year

GT: Allow us to lead you down a good and exciting path, a path that leads straight to Microsoft's flagship console: the Xbox 360. We have five excellent reason why it's the right choice:

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3228d ago

1. Natal. Sorry..I'd wait a year at least to see if it actually gets support beyond the initial push. Pass.

2. Games Room. Nope...can play alot of the classics for free on PC.

3. Live. Paying for services that are free on PC and other consoles seems silly. Next.

4. Exclusives. 1 New IP and the rest are sequels. If I didn't buy an Xbox for the first game why would I now buy it for the sequels? Next

5. Price cut. 250 GB for 299...yet I still have to pay for online that other consoles dont and for Wifi where other consoles dont.

Sorry...but this still isn't the year I'm buying an Xbox based on that list.

MS...want my money. Built in Wifi and get rid of Live fees.

CyberCam3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

I'm not hating on any games that have (& will) come out for the 360, I would actually love to play the ones I can't play on my PC... there seems to be some great ones too. However, until M$ give me actual real value for MY money (IMO) and stop nickel & diming me... I'll have to keep passing on the XB360 experience. Also, I'm still very apprehensive when it comes to the reliability of the unit.

I don't hate on anyone that owns & is a enthusiast of the 360 only, because that is a personal choice and we all have the right to have one! I have lots of friends that own (& have owned several 360's) and I've played a couple of their top franchises in the past, which were very good games.

I'm also very happy to have the 360 around wish it continued success in the future, because without M$, Sony would still be on their high horse and wouldn't be working so hard to get my spending dollars!

Batman would be just some freak in costume if it wasn't for the Joker... he needs his nemesis as much as his nemesis needs him to push is abilities to the limit!

Wrathman3228d ago

your 4th point is just dumb. sequels? isnt final fantasy 13 out on is is GoW3.the only game out this year that might make it a an above average year for the ps3 is gt5.

clearly you dont own an xbox and have never played any of the games on it or you wudnt post dumb comments.i dare you to try fable or splinter cell.then come back and post trash

Evocation3228d ago

Is it any surprise we end up having fanboys with this fanboy trash keeps getting posted by the media.
I have both systems, i play both systems equally and they both have some massive flaws and without hype there is no reason really to get a console.

trust me, as a pc gamer for years I skipped all of the must have ps2 must have games till recently and somehow kept breathing.

I just posted more to say, I don't like splinter cell, and fable has always left me feeling very disappointed.

callahan093228d ago

@Wrathman, the difference is that Final Fantasy XIII, Gran Turismo 5, and God of War 3 are all their respective franchise's first outings on current generation consoles. Whereas Crackdown 2, Halo Reach, Splinter Cell Conviction, Fable 3, Mass Effect 2 are all franchises that have already been on the Xbox 360. The only game on that list that might be enticing to somebody that didn't buy a 360 for the series before is Splinter Cell. I'd be surprised if the people who are interested in Mass Effect 2, Fable 3, Crackdown 2, and Halo Reach didn't already have their 360's for the earlier iterations. But the previous Splinter Cell game was kind of sub-par as far as the franchise goes, so it's entirely possible that people are very interested in this new one that didn't buy the last one (or buy a 360 for the last one, since it appeared on other consoles, which is also an important point). So Splinter Cell could be a system seller, but all those other sequels probably won't be.

evrfighter3228d ago

I have to buy a 360 now. Both my brothers and a lot of my cousins have one....

Anybody know if they new elites are less prone to rrod?

ape0073228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

is worth 40$ a year(plus a month actually) if you look at how it makes all your online games better

when you get a taste of xbl,there's no going back

take battlefield bc 2 for example,as a multiconsole owner,I just see myself getting xbox version, more fun to play,psn simply don't offer these services,if I took the ps3 version,I'll not get the same fun on ps3,you can't party up, no deep player status,DS3 is not as good as 360 controller in shooters imo and I can install to reduce load times, that's ONE UNDERRATED FEATURE, it's one of the best things in xbox imo

I don't know but most of the time I go to the store and get multplat games,I just take the x box version, xbox live is a huge exclusive, also tons of drop dead must have exclusives and great xbla games,omg @perfect dark, also tons of exclusive dlc, ms is serious this time

I always doubted the xbox 360 many times,I 've said "ps3 gonna eat it, xbox 360 is like a breakfast and ps3 is the main meal" but it's just keep giving and giving and IF YOU THINK ABOUT it,it's very hard for ms to make people love xbox cause its not a well established name and doesn't have the brand name\nostalgia factor like nintendo and sony and ms has succeeded in my book

xbox 360 is a must have, it's a shame here that many people here hate it as if it killed their family, it's impossible to argue with some guys here, they just keep spinnin and spinnin, wish I could see them face to face

go get one now

Anon19743228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

The article states "Five years and going strong, the Xbox 360 shows no sign of slowing down."

So, what would constitute a "sign of slowing down" because 360 sales have been slowing down. The last 3 quarters Microsoft reported showed year over year declines, before the price cut in 2008 they were showing zero sales growth and it's been outsold by the PS3 ever since the PS3 was available worldwide. I'd think that's a pretty big sign of thing's "slowing down" but obviously this article is either ignorant of these facts or just doesn't think they matter.

As for the others, lineup looks better then 2009, that's for sure. Natal is unproven, no one cares about twitter on XBL, the games room is Microsoft just looking to cash in on some microtransactions and another price cut is just rumor and probably unlikely as analysts reported just 4 months ago that Microsoft was losing money on the 360 at the current price points (and consider the price cut rumor is coming from Pachter).

I love the 360, I think it's a great console at a great price, but I'm also a fan of realistic reporting in game journalism. This piece doesn't fall into that category for me. They really need to do their homework and reign in their enthusiasm a bit.

Dev8 ing3228d ago

I got a taste of XBL and it was a bad one. Honestly from playing on PC with dedicated servers and the PS3 which has mostly dedicated servers (and both are free) to going on XBL with it's host losing peer 2 peer bullcrap I would say it isn't worth it. Then you factor in the great decision to include a mic with every system sold so that all you have is a bunch of teenage douchebags that are racist/biggoted a55e5 constantly shouting at you while you play. Sure you can mute them individually but it is much easier to mute everyone. So $40 a year to put up with that crap, when I can get something better for free. Yeah, no thanks.

starchild3228d ago

Answer me this, darkride. The 360 had an installed base of around 5 or 6 million consoles when the PS3 launched and now it has around a 7 million lead (based on the latest figures), so how can you claim the PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide since it was available worldwide? The gap has only widened, not narrowed.

Of course, there were periods in which the PS3 sold better and others in which the 360 sold better, but the end and unarguable result is that the 360 still has as large a lead over the PS3 as it did when the PS3 first launched. Larger, in fact.

Zeal0t3228d ago

I bought a 360 Elite 120GB yesterday just for the crazy exclusives which are going to be released this year.

Man this is indeed the golden year of gaming:

My tobuy lists:

Splinter Cell Conviction
Mass Effect 2
Halo Reach
Alan Wake
Dead Island (hope hear/see something about it)
Fable 3
Heavy Rain
God of War 3
Dead Space 2
Bioshock 2
Alien vs Predator
Dante's Inferno
Battlefield BC2
The Last Guardian
Agent (?)

I'm still missing many more. I think i have to rob a bank or something like that damn :/

lovestospoodge3228d ago

Mass Effect 2's a reason? oh well i guess i have to go buy an X...wait a second...

Willio3228d ago

Funny how you claim others "if they ever played on an Xbox 360," when clearly you are the same in regards to the Final Fantasy series. Had you played any of those games, you would know they are NOT SEQUELS. They are just chronologically numbered. SEQUELS continue the same story. The only exception is FFX-2 and possibly Versus.

Callahan also pointed out all the "Sequels" coming out on the PS3 (GOW3 and GT5) are next gen games to their respective franchises.

Anon19743228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Check the official sales data. When the PS3 was first launched in November it was only available in North America and Japan. That Christmas, it was no surprise that the 360 which was available worldwide at the time sold more than the PS3, further extending their lead to something like 8-9 million.

Since the PS3 became available in Europe the following March, it's outsold the 360 overall. That 8-9 million lead is now down to about 5 million (although, official numbers for this holiday season aren't available yet and the 5 million figure is approximated)

You just have a look at the investor relations sites for each company to see I'm right. All that data is there.

Saaking3227d ago

Terrible list. I could make a top 10 list for PS3 with MUCH better reasons.

Anon19743227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

In regards to my last comment, you phantom disagree types do realize no one has any idea what you're disagreeing with if you don't say anything?

I've got two disagrees at this point. I know the info is factual. So what's with the disagrees? Do you not agree that slowing sales negates their statement that the 360 isn't slowing? Do you just think no one should be made aware of that? Is it that you disagree with me bringing it up?

Are you just against the free exchange of thoughts and ideas on these sites?

Seriously...take a second and participate in the debate. A monkey can jam the "disagree" button.

Wait a second! Are you monkeys? I didn't mean anything anti-simian by that comment.

Darkstorn3227d ago

The Xbox 360 is a good console, but the reason I chose the PS3 over it was because so many of their good games are also on PC. I can play Gears of War, its sequel, and both Mass Effects on my computer (even though they barely run...).
The PS3 has an insane amount of must-have games, and the only 360 games I've ever been excited about were Fable 2 and Alan Wake.

Elven63227d ago

Dev8 ing: Some 360 games do have dedicated servers, a few even use both dedicated and P2P connections. Not all PSN and PC games use dedicated servers either, really only the major releases.

If people are your issue I think you can turn voice chat off completely through the guide or even privacy settings. Or just plug in the headset but don't wear it.

mythamp3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Most of the people in this thread are xbox marketing guys trying to convince others to buy their broke systems as the sales are down/static. So you will see lengthy explanations as to why "Live" was a great experience for him, Natal is being downplayed but still slightly highlighted (they figured it wont go down well with the existing hardcore crowd). I just wonder how much M$ pays for articles on N4G (am i allowed to ask that question?), I see so many of these Positively highlighting the Xbox articles, the xbox fad is over, its the PS3 craze now people, get it or remain envious.

TheLog3227d ago

"Five Reasons You Absolutely Don't Have To Buy An Xbox 360 This Year
1. God of War 3
2. Heavy Rain
3. GT5
4. The Last Guardian
5. White Knight Chronicles
Yeah, I said it.

Seriously, some of the reasons are "the Live experience", a speculated price cut and unproven Natal. C'mon, really? My list is better."( end quote)

These are just your opinion. Well mine is

1. God of War 3 = God of war 2 gameplay with HD graphics
2. Heavy Rain = CGI movie with lame Guitar Hero gameplay
3. GT5 = No big deal, similar to Forza 3
4. The Last Guardian = ?, too little info to judge
5. White Knight Chronicles = Slightly above ave rpg but maby will pick this up about 5 years later

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Obama3228d ago

"Remember the old classic games?"

Yes I remember playing them free on my pc.

Blaster_Master3228d ago

All play all those classics on my 60 gig ps3 for FREE! Online play is for Free! Bluray player, wifi, web browser considering what you pay 299 for the 360 is virtually for free if you just buy a ps3. Free movies, free porn, free ps2 and ps1 player. 299 can get you more then just a console who's games are also on the pc.

3228d ago
starchild3228d ago


I don't know what makes so many PS3 fans that way either. It really baffles me.

jessupj3228d ago

If there's one thing I can't stand it's fanboys calling out other fanboys. You know how I can tell? You ONLY ever call out the ps3 fanboys as if 360 fanboys just don't exist. Not only that you resort to name calling. Your one of the biggest fanboys here and your very deluded if you think you have a right to single out ps3 fans.

And please don't come back saying "I do that because ps3 fanboys are so much worse". You're just going to make yourself look like a bigger fanboy and just prove my point even more.

gamer20103227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )


You are a ps3 fanboy yourself so of course you are going to act all indignant when people complain about ps3 fanboys, but if ps3 fanboys stopped acting the way they do then people wouldn't complain about them. Simple huh?

Edit: I just noticed something. Lt_Skittles below doesn't even own a 360, he only owns a PS3 (I read some of his comments earlier) and even he sees how bad ps3 fanboys act.

TheDeadMetalhead3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

I'm getting so sick of people BAAAAWing about "TEH SONY FANBOYS!!1" all the time. And if anybody actually calls out the stupidity of those people, the comment usually gets deleted (like this one probably will).

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LtSkittles3228d ago

Funny all of the comments(excluding Gov't Cheese) are Sony Fanboys.

3228d ago
LtSkittles3228d ago

Maybe it was a little harsh, a majority of the comments belong in the open zone.

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ThePostalDudeX3228d ago

It's been years guys........if you really wanted to buy both consoles you could have. No need to miss out on games from all three consoles just because you want to remain "Loyal" Believe me they don't give 3 shi4ts about your loyalty.

VenGencE9993228d ago

That's what I don't understand about these idiots, they are jumping all over each other about companies that don't give two sh1ts about them. Are you people THAT stupid? Wake the f--k up! If you can afford both systems you should own both systems and enjoy EVERY good game out there. If you can't afford both SAVE up your allowances then.
You people are sheeps