Battle of the Heavy Rain Box Arts

Gamer Syndrome takes a look at the European and North American box arts for Heavy Rain and asks the question: What's the big deal?

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alphakennybody3259d ago

I don't mind any use of sexual thems, but for this type of game,I don't need a pair of boobs sticking out just to look for sales. Stereoptyping is bad and whoever made the NA boxart should know better that not all NA are all chicka bang bang. The origami alone set the mood perfectly and gave a unique look, I really hope SONY would change this habbit in the future. My library of games isn't just for show of number of games I have,its also a mini gallery.

3258d ago
senzen3258d ago

Seriously? the North American box art is far from boobs in the face and I think it is perfectly fine.