Splinter Cell:Conviction delay a sign of Quality?

Ubisoft Just announced that it would push back its latest title in the Splinter Cell franchise to April 2010. This is the second delay already for the title it was originally slated for a November 2009. After this latest push back one would have to wonder if it's a smart move by Ubisoft to generate more revenue or is it a telling sign that Ubisoft themselves do not believe that the game will compete with the other first quarter titles of 2010.

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Kamikaze1353261d ago

This game was supposed to come out Spring 2008. This game was delayed loads of time. Also, I may be wrong, but the reason it was delayed was due to some financial issue. I think Ubisoft didn't want to compete with the other big titles coming out around the same time and wanted to make sure their game wasn't overshadowed.

dktxx23261d ago

Ubi didn't wait two years to release a finished game. It was scrapped or majority rehauled, or something similar to that.

captain-obvious3261d ago

i got the perfect answer
coming out of a 360 fanboy's mouth

there you have it

Kamikaze1353261d ago

I know that, but what does that have to do with anything? Whether they scraped it or not, it was still originally supposed to come out Spring 2008. This writer is making it seem like this game only ever faced one delay. All games get delayed for a reason; the reason for this game is no different than others.

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captain-obvious3261d ago

that was funny
all i did is show how much hypocrisy you fanboys got
GT5 was delayed and all of you talked $h!t about it
so now its okay to delay SC:C ??

BYE3261d ago

Quality? Maybe.

But keep in mind that Haze was delayed, too...

Darkeyes3261d ago

The reason why I think it's delayed is cause Ubisoft's fiscal year starts April 1st, so it looks better in their financial report if they bring out the game in the month of April... Besides, Q1 is already jammed packed and the Q2 has some breathing space so it makes sense for them to release the game then...

It always happens people.. Ubisoft might have hit their goal of $ with AC2 selling like hot cakes, so it makes sense for them to release the game in the next fiscal year.. Pure Business related... Stop the fanboy crap please as even I being a PS3 fanboy can see through this... In fact that is the same reason GT5 got delayed a month in Japan cause Sony already has hit their "Expected PS3 to be sold" in Japan with the Slim and FF13.... Pure Business strategy.

JokesOnYou3261d ago

First of all the original Conviction was totally scrapped as Ubisoft themselves said they were not happy with the direction, so of course if you go back to the drawing board it will be like starting over thus a long delay, so YES that original delay was about quality, however lately we've seen a bunch from the current Conviction, it looks great, there's no way in hell the game couldn't be ready for a late Feb early March release and I think Ubi is being a little too careful about its launch, and perhaps maybe even a bit greedy because its no coincidence that the new release date is carefully planned between other big releases, the game looks damm good and it will sell very well, so that tells me they want the spotlight/big time sales all to themselves when the game launches.


ReservoirDog3163261d ago

I actually like that it's coming out in april. That might be when I start buying games again. So I won't have to be tortured by people saying it's the best in the series or something.

Anyways, can't wait.

Bathyj3261d ago

I'm not convinced either way because of the length of the delay. 3 months is a long time.

I think both are true, they needed more time to polish which actually encourages me that they think they might have something special with some more work, and I think they want it in a less crowded time frame.

Either way, its still my most wanted on XB along with Perfect Dark Arcade.

SilentNegotiator3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago ) polish the AI.
If they do, I'll almost definitely buy it for PC.
(0:53) - He's right in FRONT of you, moron!

DelbertGrady3261d ago

"Quality > quantity"

"You can't rush art"

"March was too crowded anyways"

Did I miss any?

WildArmed3261d ago

yup just like Too Human o_O

I was really excited for SC:C though too bad. Since it's moved to april, I won't be picking it up day one. it'll have to wait like th e rest of the games after march till fall.

Marceles3261d ago

Splinter Cell delay = sign of quality

FantasyStar3261d ago

Darkeyes is the only one that makes sense. It's purely business related. For all we know, Conviction could be finished in January and sitting in the dark room, waiting for mass-production in the month of March. So we don't get to play Conviction for so long.

FamilyGuy3261d ago

I thought this game was complete already and was only moved from 09 because they didn't want to go head-to-head against MW2.

What was the release date before this April push anyways?

IaMs123261d ago

sigh i find it funny too that the PS3 fanboys bash it for being delayed when most of their games are delayed just as much, or announced way too soon. Hypocrisy at its finest on N4G.

itisa3261d ago means doomed,right?

As far as I can remember,Splinter Cell Conviction was developed since 2007 to compete with Metal Gear Solid 4.

AAACE53261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

If I was a developer releasing a game... would I really want to release in the same month as a Final Fantasy game, knowing that people will be buying it for at least 2-3 weeks after it's released?

I think not! These guys aren't stupid! That's why they all let Halo ODST, Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 have the holiday window.

As much as some of you may hate the way they do things now, they have to try to give their games the best opportunity to sell well. The best thing to do is release a few weeks away from any other big releases... especially if there is an open window!

@Action bastard....below

The problem with GT5's release is that Ps3 owners were comparing it to Forza 3 and claiming it's greatness before it releases. Of course if you piss someone off with words, they will look for any opportunity to fire back at you! Hence the negative comments coming from 360 gamers.

It's a back and forth thing, these guys just do it to themselves!

Microsoft Xbox 3603260d ago

The only thing bad about a delay is the wait. However, every reason why it did benefits the game for the best.

JD_Shadow3260d ago

You got Final Fantasy 13, Heavy Rain, and God of War 3 coming out just about the same time that SC:C was going to come out pre-delay. I don't know if I would want to go against THAT stacked deck!

Montrealien3260d ago

Perfection takes time right? At least thats what I read in the GT5 delay threads.

Rockox3260d ago

Wow, my plate became a little less full and I'm pretty ok with it. Now I won't feel rushed playing Mass Effect 2 and I can take a decent stab at AVP. I'm a happy camper.

PoSTedUP3260d ago

because of the release of mgs4 and how epic that game was when it came out.

but I have just seen recent gameplay and splintercell looks great. if I had loads of time for gaming I would definatly buy a 360 for it spicifically.

iwillpwnyou3260d ago

all you xbox/ps3 fanboys should just go cry into your pillow! HAHA!

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ActionBastard3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I thought it was a sign of failure? Doh! My bad. It's ok, this is a 360 exclusive. That means it's not subject to the same scrutiny every other exclusive game on competing platforms are. GT5 delay spells doom, this? This = quality. Hahahaha


While "failure" may have been a tad extreme, they sure as sh!t don't seem like they feel it's a sign of quality.

THE MAX SPEED 213261d ago

Who said the GT5 delays meant failure? I' pretty sure everyone is aware that the GT5 delays are for quality purpose like adding the Head tracking and stuff like that.

dorkride663261d ago

Action girl just failed at trolling.

IaMs123261d ago

No your right most people on here take everything the wrong way, but id like to say to the PS3 fanboys, now the tides have turned. It really shows how many there are on this site, there is an attack on every 360 thread, while every PS3 thread is praised... jeez leave the 360 threads alone then you wont see it. And dont tell me i post in the PS3 zone and when i do its not bashing or anything, please show me 1 post in the PS3 zone that i showed disrespect. I dont go in there for a reason because i do not care for the PS3 and their stuff, but when i do look its all praise like its worshipping god. Take your time to worship god not a freaking machine.

ActionBastard3260d ago

But my game machine is real.

mastiffchild3260d ago

Enough with the point scoring. Fact is that it's got all chicken and egg round here and everyone's being all "well we do this because YUO did that" but the others will say "yeah but we said that because you were knocking this"...and so it goes on. People think they're rightfully indignant but forge that someone who offended them was prolly replyuing because some else offended him ec, etc. Fact is I don't know if 360 heads started the gloating/bashing or whether the Sony fans came first with their own flaming tactics-and noone does and nor will they ever.

What I DO know, however, is that over GT5 the war of words was certainly stirred up by Greenawalt and chums over at T10-on the "PS3 fans said bad things about forza3-so what d'you expect" front I'd go as far as to say you can squarely blame T10 as PD wouldn't speak up in reply and T10's behaviour actually stopped me buying a forza game for the first time(I'm actually a fan of both driving series and love them because and not in spite of their differences)so it was always going to annoy PS3 and GT fans wasn't it? So I think that one question is easy to clear up-but the general point scoring is another matter and we're all best off dropping it, I feel, no?

SC:C looks as good, imo, as it's going to so if this is a delay for more polish(after they moved it for that-and to avoid U2 and MW2 in the autumn)then it must be to something like the AI which doesn't, from what we've seen, match the stellar standards of the rest of the footage so far, imo. Howver, I find iot unlikely , at this stage(and I also think MS are very clos with Ubi over this game and have had a hand in it's dev cycle since declaring they wanted an exclusive MGS4 rival and this latest delay might well have MS name on it and just be the most money friendly date for both companies, no?

I think it's very likely they just think April looks a better bet for sales for this game and that suits MS as much as it suits Ubi-maybe more as there's prolly a real strategy to when MS exclusives(to console)release in any case so any advantage will be gleefully accepted.

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swiftshot933261d ago

Holy crap this game was delayed again? When did this happen?

pimpmaster3261d ago

omfg!!! AGAIN!!?!? i seriously hate ubisoft now, there doing this on purpose, how do they delay a game 1 month from release? they just stated the release date not too long ago , this is on purpose just to get more money from ms.


this game has been pushed back more than 3 times..