New Videos of Blue Dragon

Here are a couple new videos of Blue Dragon. Enjoy.

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original seed3995d ago

and Eternal Sonata and Mass Effect.

PS360WII3995d ago

That's looking real good! I don't know about you guys but I like the dbz art style for sure. This had to be early on for the low hit numbers but I'm deffinatly ready for this one to show up ^^

Bloodmask3994d ago

and Microsoft seems to have all the bases covered with many exclusive RPGs. Adding Sakaguchi-san to their portfolio was brilliant. I feel pretty optimistic that the creator of the Final Fantasy series has the calibur to make some great RPGs.

Dogswithguns3994d ago

a fun game. too bad that I dont have 360 anymore.....oh well.

BIadestarX3994d ago

yep... it sucks to be you.

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