Media Create software sales (1/4 - 1/10)

Media Create has published the latest software sales figures from Japan and has revealed first week data for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

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Valay3134d ago

So, Media Create says the game sold less than Famitsu did. Not a huge difference though and it's still an impressive figure.

Saaking3134d ago

Those are pretty great numbers.

headwing453134d ago

they said 500k right? 466k is just about that.

3134d ago
chrisulloa3134d ago

360 has no games. :P

The guy above me also has one account, and the PS3 is a good console.

3134d ago
stb3134d ago

Kigdom heart.

to continue the trend, 360 has no freaking games 7.7

deshon093134d ago

should sony drop the psp ahhhhhhhh no very impressive

SprSynJn3134d ago

It's definitely for the Japanese audience. I am not sure why others do not like it. I personally would pick one up over the DS if I were in the market. The DS to me, while fun, is just too much work when one wants to play a standard game.

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The story is too old to be commented.